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Every season requires specific designs and decorations for your look. During the Fall, you like to wear brown and orange colors. During the Spring, you like to wear floral designs. During the Summer, you adore the silver and golden shimmers in order to remind you of the sparkling ocean surface on the beach. And during the Winer, you like to put blue icy colors, or white clothes, to keep you up to date with the present season.

So, if you are a girl, who like to match her appearance with the nature, you should try this nail decoration – it is adorable, it is winter-like, it is a Penguin!

Let’s see the steps together and follow them one by one to achieve this cute nail art:

  • Even the most interesting nail decoration begin with boring steps – the preparation of the nails. You have to file the nails, push back the cuticles, and scrub the fingers, if you want to create a perfect background for this gorgeous penguin. The nail shape must be the square one.

  • Then, apply a transparent base coat, because you will have to apply black nail polish as a first layer, which might cause a bad effect of the nails – yellowing.

  • Then apply the black color on a finger of your choice (the decoration must be on only one finger). Paint the rest of the nails with ice-cold blue nail polish.

  • Once the black base is dry, draw the belly of the penguin with white nail polish. If the white color isn’t opaque, you should apply two layers.

  • Then draw the eyes of the penguin with white and black colors. Use two sizes of dotting tool. Bigger for the white and smaller for the black dots.

  • Use yellow or mustard color to draw the neb and the legs of the penguin.

  • You can draw even a bowtie for an extra adorable look.

  • Secure the decoration with a thick layer of top coat.

  • Done!

adorable nail decoration

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