All Night Blue Makeup

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Don’t be sad if your eyes are brown. The brown eyes look great with almost every eyeshadow color. And this reason is just enough for you to love the fact that you are gifted with brown colored eyes. Let me show you a makeup design, that will suit your eyes perfectly. You will need navy blue color a few other products and tools. Take a look at the steps and let’s get this look together. Here we go:

  • Prepare and prime the eyes with a primer and beige eyeshadow base.

  • Then dab on the blue navy eyeshadow on the lid with your finger tip. Be careful, because the skin of the eyes is extremely delicate and fragile.

  • Then use a blending brush and apply brown eyeshadow into the crease, making sure there is a smooth transition between the brown and the blue colors.

  • Take another blending brush, or clean the first one, apply the shimmery eyeshadow over the brown bone and bring it towards the inner corner of the eye.

  • Use a flat shader brush or your finger again and reapply the blue eyeshadow over the lid, intensifying the color more.

  • Use a pencil brush and apply the same navy blue eyeshadow on the bottom lid, alon the lower lash line and make sure that the outer corner meets the color you applied above.

  • Line the top lash line with the liquid black eyeliner and slightly extend the outer corner into a delicate wing.

  • With a regular black pencil, line the inner waterline of the eyes – both the top and the bottom in order to make the eyelashes look thicker.

  • Then apply a coat of mascara to the top and bottom lashes and put on some fake lashes.

  • All done! If the highlighter faded away, you can reapply it. Enjoy!

all night blue eye makeup

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