Amazing New Looks To Try This Summer

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Summer is the season when people are not afraid to take chances. On the contrary, the warm weather, the beach, the parties, and all the different people one meets just show people that they should live for the moment and experience new things. And this is for every aspect of their lives, including fashion. You will not be able to come out of your comfort zone if you are afraid to try some new looks. And who knows, maybe in the end you will find that you feel more comfortable in some of them than in your old one. Well, we won’t be too extreme and offer you drastic changes, but these amazing summer looks may be the ones that you actually need to refresh yourself. So, do not miss to try them out.

Juicy lips
The lips are one of the female body parts that men are attracted to the most. When a man is looking at the woman’s mouth when she is talking and not at her breasts, this could be a huge complement to her. Some women can enchant men just with their lips and the way they talk, so if you want to try out how you will feel in this role, then try this summer’s lip trend – juicy lips. It is very important to take care of your lips in the summer. Many people forget about applying any type of lip product in the summer, which is dangerous for their lip skin. Here is what to do to protect your lips and to make them look attractive and yet protected from the sun. For sultry lips, apply at least two times a day lip balm with aloe Vera and vitamin E for maximum protection. And you will be able to see the result soon.

Wet, wet, wet…

Everybody should know how important it is to keep their skin well-moisturized every season of the year, especially the summer. When you go to the beach for a few hours and you are not wearing any sun lotion, the results could be with serious consequences for your skin. It is not only the pain that you will feel, but also the risk of severe skin problems later in life. So, what better trend this summer than healthy skin. Turn it into a habit. Apply moisturizers in the morning and in the evening before going to bed, and of course, when you are exposed to direct sunlight, do not forget you sun cream, no matter whether you are on the beach or walking in the park. And since we are all about moisturizers, how about taking this trend to the next level – match your hairstyle with your skin. In other words, keep it well moisturized so that you have just come out of the bathroom. A great way to do this is to slick your hair back with some gel. You will look as if you are on the cover of a magazine. And if you are not into gels, you can just try a detangling brush, which uses water to pull all your naughty frizzy hairs that have decided to expose themselves. Show them who is the boss by gently smoothing them.

Glowing skin

When you have taken good care of your skin keeping it well moisturized, it will look healthy and glowing. But every body needs a little bit bronze as well. Here is an interesting fact about the bronze tan. In the past people who worked out in the open had tan, while the bourgeoisie or the upper class people stayed at home and, thus, had no tan. Back in those days having tan was a symbol of lower social position, but thankfully nowadays people no longer have such prejudices. On the contrary, they have come to realize that bronze tan is attractive. However, you should be very careful with what kind of technique you use to achieve this tan. What we recommend is the liquid bronzer that will give you that glow you need to look like a golden Greek statue. Before you apply the bronzer, apply your base which will give your skin darker color, but not too much that it will look fake. So, forget about foundations and try with BB creams. They formula is lighter and it won’t look like you have put a mask on your face. It will look naturally darker. The best part is that your skin will not be treated with something that is not healthy for it, like direct sunlight or solarium cabins. You can also add some blush to your cheeks to finish the look.

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