Are You Addicted to Sugar?

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One of the biggest and most scaring problems of modern times are the addictions. They are something that can some in way more than one forms and they also come unexpectedly. Some of the most common addictions that people get treated for are the alcohol and drug ones. But there is also the smoking addiction and many more.

An addiction is actually a compulsive part of our character. It is something that gets unlocked by our brain, because we engage into something. It is like we always want a prize – it can be alcohol, a cigarette, a chocolate bar and much more. You might have come upon some disturbing information about addictions on TV shows, that tell the stories of people, who suffer from them. Some people for example eat stones, others like to shew on glass. And those are all abnormal behaviors.

Although many of us think that we are addiction free, because we don’t do anything that strange and different from the rest of the society, doesn’t mean that we don’t really have an addictive behavior. A person can be addicted to another person or to watching movies or as recent studies have found – sugar. And what is the worst part is that we don’t think that we do something bad – having a chocolate a day, a coke, an ice-cream, a lollipop and why don’t you go for that souffle after dinner. And when you think about it, you don’t find anything strange.

One of the biggest problems of millennial people is nothing else, but sugar addiction. The World Health Organization has found out that one in every 5 people around the world has a sugar addiction, without even knowing it. And one in 100 people, actually takes note about it and tries to do something.

So what should be your daily sugar intake?

  • No matter what your daily meals are, not more than 10% of your daily food should be with added sugar. And if you are in risk of diabetes – not more than 5%.

  • For kids the percentage should be under 5%. This way you will keep them healthy and prevent them from addiction for as long as you can.

  • Remember that drinks contain sugars too. Actually most of the things we drink have more than 70% added sugars to them. There can be found many charters on the internet. But let’s say that nothing else than water and fresh juices (but not drinking them all day) are okay for you.

  • The sugar addiction starts slowly. Once your daily sugar food intake is more than 10% of what you eat you slowly become addicted and obsessed.

Are you really addicted?

  • People tend to have cravings. But did you know that those only show that your body is missing something in particular? I mean if you hav e already eaten and you are full, but still want to have a piece of cake or a brownie, this means that something is not exactly okay. Those are actually our cravings that show what we need. And if it we always crave the same thing – foods with sugar, this means we are led to addiction.

  • Most people actually do love eating sweets. And that is okay. But do you ever feel like you just need to cut down on certain things? If your conscious tells you that you need to slow it down on those chocolates and stuff, this probably means that you are having way too much of them. And too much of anything can be bad.

  • If I have to be honest from time to time I really do overeat. Especially when I am PMS-ing. And in those parts of the month I kind of feel like I am allowed. And probably all women can relate to that. But if you tend to eat normal. And don’t overeat, but feel full and fatigued from certain foods this means that they are probably not good for you. If that is from foods that contain sugar, you probably are already having a small problem and it can lead to a big addiction. So try to cut on it.

  • Some people have health problems found by doctors concerning their eating habits. If your doctor has found some health issue concerning the things and way you eat, this means that you should most definitely take percussion. Especially if you are predisposed to diabetes. So if you have a health issue but you are keeping your same old ‘diet’, then you are in the wrongs. Those are some of the first signs of addiction.

  • As we already mentioned cravings, let’s talk about how it all starts. Firstly you like a certain food. Then you start crazing for it often. Then you need it every day. And at some point you just can’t stop munching on it. This means that your body already needs it. And if so – you probably have an addiction and you need to be concerned.

If you find one sign of the ones written above – try to change the way you eat. If you find two, three or more – please visit your doctor or a dietitian. Because sugar addiction is a problem, although it doesn’t sound like one. And actually is one of the main causes for the obesity in the USA. And if you haven’t heard the obesity is one of the biggest health problems of the nation.

How to stop your sugar cravings, so that they don’t turn into an addiction?

  • Cut the amount of sweet things you eat or drink. You can’t just stop in one day, but try to do less.

  • In order for your body to happy, give yourself a little. For example ONE chocolate candy a day.

  • When you really can’t deal with it anymore, try to fix the issue with a candy. It is what smokers do for their addiction. So it must work for you too.

  • Eat fruit. As a whole fruits can kill your cravings for bad sugar.

  • One other thing that leads to us craving sweets – not eating regularly. If you haven’t had all of you proper meals, than you always will be wanting something else and something more. So be sure to have a proper breakfast, a good lunch and a small dinner. Also you can have some small breakfasts between the tree meals (but NO sugar), so that you don’t feel hungry the whole time. That way you won’t be needing anything more like chocolate or cookies or whatever.

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