Artistic Facial Makeup

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Maybe you wonder a lot about this makeup, but stop wondering right now, because I will reveal you every little step of it. Meet the Pin-up comic girl design. Here are the steps:

  • The skin must be pale and colorless, which means that you will have to use light opaque foundation or if the natural color of your skin is light, you can use only a BB cream in order to even out the skin complexion. Cover the shoulders and the collar bones with the foundation, because this part of your body will by covered with makeup too. Oh, I almost forgot – apply moisturizer and primer to the face before the application of the foundation in order to protect the pores from clogging.

  • Now take a black liner and let the contouring begin. First draw thin eyebrows. Then line the borderline of the whole face. Draw a dramatic wrinkle between your brows and contour the nose with thin line.

  • Also, create a cat-eye liner on the eyes and put a lot of mascara.

  • The red lipstick is a must-do step, but don’t forget to contour the lips with black line again. Draw the white light reflection effect on the corner of the mouth.

  • Now you will need white color and round brush. Dot on the whole face and shoulders in order to create the so-famous comic book design.

  • Draw the blue tears under the eyes and contour them with a thin black line.

  • Then move to the shoulders and the collar bones. Contour them with the black color.

  • You can create even better effect if you contour the ears and if you stick gems on the white dots.

All done!

Note: this is not a casual makeup design, you can use it for some kind of art projects or events. Have fun!

artistic facial makeup

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