Artistic Nail Decoration

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If you want to cheer up your mood, you should do it with a colorful nail polish. I know that at some places the winter is coming, but that’s not an excuse for ignoring the bright colors. Today I want to show you a great, colorful decoration. Take a look at the step and follow the tips one by one.

  • Prepare the nails first. They must be smooth, well shaped and clean. You can achieve this with the appropriate procedure, which is filing the nails, cleaning them and exfoliating the hands and the fingers.

  • Then, apply transparent base on the nails as a primer. Sometimes the colorful nail polishes might cause yellowing of the nails. The transparent, thin layer of protection will prevent such an unpleasant damage.

  • When the base is dry, you should paint the nails with hot pink nail polish. If it is not opaque, you should apply two thin layers of the nail polish.

  • While the pink polish is still wet, dab on some black dots.

  • While the black dots are stick wet, dab on some smaller red dots on top of them.

  • And finally, put even smaller golden dots on top of the red ones.

  • You can see that the dots look like they are framed.

  • Remember, the nail polishes for the dots must be opaque, otherwise, you will be able to see the bottom color through the top one, which won’t be nice.

  • Wait for the decoration to dry completely before the application of the top coat. If you apply it while the decoration is still wet, there is a huge chance of smudging the dots.

  • If you want to save this manicure for longer time, you should reapply the top coat every two days.

  • Enjoy!


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