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I know this article will make you really angry, but sometimes the fault for bad relationships or even broken ones, is ours – to the women. Calm down, ladies; don’t yell at me, it’s true. We often neglect our own flaws and concentrate on his bad habits that annoy us. I suggest you this time to pay attention to your bad habits and how you push him away from you with them. Check out what annoys him most:

Talking with other people about your relationship. The guys like suffer alone, closed in themselves, but we … we are talkers. When a problem is right on the board, you walk around and tell everybody about that problem. Keep in mind that he will get really annoyed about that. Just walk in his shoes for a while. Will you enjoy the fact that all your friends know every little detail about your relationship, especially the problems and the cracks? You are a couple after all, work together, not against each other.

Another really annoying habit is you improvidence. In your mind pops up the idea of talking about your relationship exactly when he is playing o Xbox or on the PC, no matter where, but remember that the timing is really wrong and inappropriate. Imagine that you are sitting on the couch and you are reading this favorite book, drinking a delicious coffee and he sits right next to you and start talking about your relationship. I’m sure that you will get really annoyed that he is interrupting your peaceful moment.

When you don’t finish the things you’ve started. I’m not talking only about the cuddling without the sex, I’m talking about everything. For instance, your fitness program. You don’t like your body and wanted to work on it, it’s great, and he doesn’t think that you need that, but it’s great for your self-esteem and for your health. But the fact that you quit doing it after the first month is really annoying for him. Not because he needs a change in your body, but because you quit really soon and you are not persistent in achieving you own goals. So, if you think that you won’t be able to visit the gym regularly, you shouldn’t even start it.

When you don’t respect his privacy. Everyone needs to protect its privacy. But men are way more sensitive in that subject. Just leave him do his own business and everything will be fine.

The most annoying question that you can ask is: “Am I fat?” You have eyes, you have mirror, which means that you can answer it all by yourself. If you have fat belly or cellulite but, he knows it. No matter how hard you try to cover those flaws. But if he is still with you and shows you that he loves you in so many ways, he is not concerned about those imperfections. If you are not feeling well in your own skin, work out and feel happy.

When you don’t understand him and his hobbies. Maybe he loves spending a lot of money on high-tech, but you are not allowed to judge him, as long as he doesn’t judge you about that $400 that you’ve spend for ugly (for him) pair of sandals. Love him not because of his positives, love him despite of his negatives.

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