Bat Wing Eyeliner Tutorial

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Looking for a graphic eye look to rock this summer? Take your cat-eye liner game to the next level with this bat wing tutorial. It’s similar to a cat eye, but the end of the wing goes further up to the brow bone, resembling a bat’s wing shape. Whether you are looking for a classy effect for clubbing or you are searching for the perfect Halloween look, this makeup will instantly become your best friend! Now it’s time for you to scroll down, follow the steps below and learn how to pull off the bat trick!

Step 1: Following the natural curve of your brow bone, carefully draw a thick line to the outer corner of your eye, right underneath the brow bone. Since you want to be very precise when drawing the line, you need to switch to an angled makeup brush and dip it in the black eyeliner.

Step 2: Connect this line with the outer end of your upper lash line. This will be the base of your bat wing shape. Make sure to apply a thin line so you can have everything under control.

Step 3: Then, draw another diagonal line from the open end of the wing to your inner corner. Apply gentle strokes to fill in the shape. The more firmly you press down with your liner, the darker the colour will be. To avoid leaving any gaps between your waterline and the liner, try holding the brush flat along the lid instead of on its angled side.

Step 4: Do not worry if you mess up! Not even the steadiest hand gets their eyeliner perfectly from the very first time. To clean up any imperfections, dip a Q-tip into a makeup remover, and wipe away any irregular lines. Last but not least, apply several coats of your favourite waterproof mascara to wrap up the final look.


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