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We have all seen the fashion blogs, the style editors and all the women with an amazing fashion sense. And we admire them. Even if they are just the neighbor or a colleague or something. And we tend to wonder, how do they do that?

The truth is that it is not about money, or how your body looks or anything. It is about sensing, taking time to dress up and the love of dressing up in the morning. You first have to be inspired and then follow some of the following steps and soon you will see that fashionable woman in yourself.

  • Find your style icon/s

Nowadays social media is all around us. Instagram, Bloglovin, Pinterest – they all show us images of women dressed to impress. But remember, don’t literally copy outfits. Make them yours! And by browsing daily through fashion images you will find new ways to interpret your clothes.

  • Plan your outfits in prior

It turns out that Sunday nights are your fashion time. What about preparing your clothes for the week on a Sunday night. This way your mornings won’t be so hectic and it won’t be so easy to make fashion crimes. And planned looks always turn out better.

  • Give yourself those 10 extra minutes

In the mornings we tend to push the snooze button at least two times. But imagine having those 10 to 20 minutes more in the morning – what will happen? Well, you will have more time to glam and doll up. And you want that, right? Since you want to be the fashionable woman on the street, not your neighbor.

  • You clothes MUST fit

Outfits that some kind don’t fit and don’t feel okay, probably don’t look okay. All the clothes that you wear, should flatter you. No matter if you saw someone that they flattered, there is no guarantee, that they will look good on you. So be careful and conscious about that. Find the skinnies that fit like a glove. And get at least two pairs of them. Rip one of those and then you have two perfect pairs of jeans.

  • Take care of your clothes

Clothes are like cars, jewels and kind of like people. At least if you ask some of the fashion icons, they will tell you that clothes do have souls. And it is like that, because when you wear them, they become part of you. So start having some special attitude towards them. For example, never ever toss them on the floor. Fold them and hang them. Or if they are dirty put them away or wash them. And BTW, color coding is the best thing ever.

  • Wear the perfect underwear

Some women will argue me, by saying that there is no perfect underwear. But there actually is – the one that feels good and doesn’t show over the clothing. Be respectful when dressing up. Your bra should be inside the clothes. You panties shouldn’t be showing. And with all the different types of underwear nowadays you could find the suitable one for any outfit. Try to leave the panty lines in the past. And just find what is perfect for you in the different occasions.

  • Check the weather

Check the weather first when you plan your outfits on that Sunday night we talked about and then the night before. This way you reassure yourself, that you won’t be left with a short skirt for a very rainy day. Or wearing a fur jacket, when the weather is summery. Remember that no matter how much you want to wear something it looses its amazingness if it is not appropriate for the weather or the place you are attending.

  • Accessorize

An important part of being fashionable is knowing how to accessorize and actually doing it. This doesn’t mean that you have to spend a whole fortune on jewels and bags, but have a strong collection you like, no matter if you got it at a flea market, Pandora or Tiffany. Also, do you remember what Coco Chanel said – when accessorizing always take off one thing before going out. Because overdoing it is not a cool thing.

  • Attitude

Having the right attitude that can carry what you are wearing is more important than anything else. If you are confident, anything will flatter you and look amazing. So enjoy yourself and other will start noticing that.

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