Beautiful Color for Green Eyes

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One of the best color combinations is the one between green and purple, but the dark shades. If your eyes are green (my favorite eye color) you definitely must try the purple colors for your eyes. Here is one idea for purple makeup. I should warn you first that this makeup is extremely bold and dark, which means that you are not allowed to apply this design if your eyes are small and hooded. But if they are large and almond-shaped, then this is the perfect makeup design for your gorgeous eyes. And here we go:

  1. Such bold makeup, which requires a lot of makeup products, has to be applied on well prepared lids, which means that the primer is something you can’t escape from. The primer will hold the layers and the details right where you’ve put them, which is an essential step for the whole makeup to look good and to last long.

  2. Then, shape and fill in the eyebrows. You will have to do this eventually, so why not now. In fact, it is highly recommended to do it now in order to prevent any future staining of the makeup, which will ruin the whole effort you have put in this design. So, line the proper shape and then fill it in with the proper color.

  3. Everything is ready now, you are allowed to start with the application of the color. First draw a thick contour of V-shaped winged shape. Leave the center of the lid nude.

  4. Spread the black color upwards in order to create soft and smoky edge of the winged V-shape.

  5. Fill in the lid with the purple shadow.

  6. Then cover the purple shadow with purple shimmer. This will create a fancier look.

  7. Continue with the application of the makeup to the bottom lid.

  8. Finish the look with a thick layer of mascara.

  9. Done!

Beautiful color for green eyes

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