Beauty Tips for Makeup Application

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No matter how hard we try, we can never get the right result of the desired makeup design if we don’t know the right technique for applying the makeup. We will work on that problem today. Let me show you which are the most common mistakes and how to fix them. Here we go:

Mistake #1

You put your makeup when eyes open. This is a huge mistake, because you don’t cover the crease. When the eye is even a little bit opened, the lid folds into the crease and the color can’t cover that folded area. The right way to apply the makeup and to see what is going on, is to lift up your chin, place your mirror a little bit underneath the chin and then apply the eyeshadow.

Mistake #2

You apply the eyeliner all wrong. First, you have to draw the flick of the cat-eye liner and then you can draw the line above the lashes. And also, draw one detail at a time on both of the eyes so the final result will be perfectly equal eyeliner on both of the eyes.

Mistake #3

You don’t apply primer on the lids before the application of the makeup. The primer prepares the lid by making it secure and stable canvas for the makeup design. If you don’t apply primer you are taking a great risk for having your makeup smudges and destroyed.

Mistake #4

You don’t exfoliate your lips before the application of the dark lipstick. The exfoliation process is very easy and quick, especially when you use homemade lip scrub, prepared out of sugar and honey. The smooth and soft lips are always a better picture then the dry and chapped lip skin, covered in dark lipstick, which enhances every little flaw of the lip condition.

Mistake #5

You apply too much of a color on the eyebrows. This is a huge mistake and you must be careful. Simply follow the natural shape of the eyebrows and fill it in with feather-like motions and angled, flat brush.

beauty tips for makeup application

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