Blackhead Removal on a Budget

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Welcome, ladies! Let’s talk about one disgusting problem that almost everyone of us has to deal with – blackheads.

This is the problem that so annoying and hard to get rid of that makes you feel weak and helpless. The idea of not having control over your skin is frustrating, especially for control-freaks like most of the girls that I know.

I want to show you a cheap and easy way for removing the nasty blackheads. You will need a simple paper glue. It has to be liquid though. I bet that you remember how in the preschool you were applying glue on your hands only to have it removed by peeling afterwards.

You can guess what is going to happen now – you will have to apply the glue on the area where you have a lot of blackheads and peel it off when it’s dry, but you have to prepare the skin in order to get better results. Here are the steps:

  1. Clean your face with water and antibacterial soap.

  2. Apply petroleum jelly to the area.

  3. Cover it with plastic piece and warm towel.

  4. Let the warmth soften the skin. This trick will open the pores, which will make it easier for the glue to remove the blackheads.

  5. Rinse the skin with water and soap again in order to remove the petroleum jelly.

  6. Then apply a simple, non-toxic glue to the inside of your elbow to test if you have some kind of allergy. If the spot isn’t red and itchy, you can apply the glue to the problematic area.

  7. Apply a thick layer of the glue and let it dry as much time as needed. Usually, the glue dries for about 15 minutes.

  8. Peel off the dry glue and enjoy the result.

Keep in mind that not all blackheads will be removed after this first time, you’ll have to do this procedure at least three times per week.

blackhead removal on a budget

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