Boho Detail for Your Elegant Chignon

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The hairstyle is highly important for your appearance and scintillation. For instance, if you have to visit an extremely formal event, you must start preparing your look from top to bottom. And as we know, the top happen to be your head, on which grows hair. Let me show you one idea for a formal event that will flatter the beautiful dress you want to wear and your beautiful face for all. This hairstyle is extremely elegant, but there is one detail that will make it a little bit bohemian, which will create an association for a really sassy look. Just follow my lead and you will see all the steps and how to create the proper look. Here we go:

  • You will have to separate the hair into several sections, which will be used for different decorations. First, separate the crown area of the head and clip it away. Then, tie the bottom section of hair into a low ponytail. Remember: the hair must be clean, especially the roots, because the oily roots can’t help you create the desired soft volume of the hair.
  • Then, tease the whole tail in order to make it fluffy and bigger.
  • Roll the twist upwards and secure it with bobby pins to the head.
  • Then, separate a thick strand from the crown section that you’ve separated earlier. This thick strand will play the role of the decorating braid that I mentioned earlier.
  • So, split the braid and secure it with a thin hair band. Leave it aside for now.
  • Back-comb the roots of the last section of hair and turn it over the back of the head, twist it right above the bun and then wrap the bun with the excessive tail. Secure with bobby pins.
  • Take the braid and cross it over the bangs area of the hair to the outer side, where you must secure it with bobby pin.
  • Done!


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