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If you are going out with the girls or you are getting ready for a romantic date with your loved one, then try this shimmering makeup that will make your eyes even more attractive and alluring. This tutorial will show you how to create the sparkly blue eye makeup with some simple beauty tricks and makeup tips. Follow the steps below and you will look effortlessly gorgeous in no time!

Before you begin, prepare your skin by applying your favourite concealer. Use a foundation that is as close to your natural skin tone as possible. Apply a very small amount of it evenly onto your face and eyes. Remember to also apply the foundation down onto your neck in order to have no streaks.

Step 1: Using a black eye pencil, apply a fine line through and above the crease, by the end of your eyelids, up to the inner corner. Extend it into the desired wing shape at the end. To do this, angle your line towards the end of your eyebrow. You can always experiment by making the wing longer or curved higher.

Step 2: Using windshield-wiper motions, apply an orange or brownish eyeshadow across the crease, just above the black line you created with the pencil.

Step 3: Using a flat makeup brush, build the line up by adding purple shadow through the crease, focusing on the outer edge of the black line. Blend the shadows together by applying gentle motions with your blending brush. This should create a gradual, more sophisticated look.

Step 4: Add the electric blue eyeshadow all over your eyelids, just below the black and purple shadows.

Step 5: To make your eye makeup even more attractive, apply glitter on your eyelids all over the blue eyeshadow.

Step 6: Create the cat eye effect. Using your black liquid eyeliner, draw a line from the outer corner of your eye up at an angle and work your way through your lash line. Since you want to avoid looking too droopy, slightly flick your eyeliner at the end. Use the black eye pencil to outline your lower lash line for a more dramatic look. For best results, use a waterproof pencil and liquid eyeliner.

Step 7: Chances are you may mess up a time or two, so use a Q-tip to clean up any imperfections.

Step 8: A great way to further highlight your eyes is to use fake eyelashes. Apply your fake eyelashes by placing the strip on your eyelid, positioning it as close to your natural lashes as possible. If you are not a big fan of false eyelashes, simply apply black mascara on both your lashes to achieve more natural yet glamorous look.


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