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If you have beautiful blue or green eyes, you have come to the right place. Today I’m in a great mood for bright, colorful makeup designs and I am going to show you one. You will have to follow the steps strictly if you want to achieve the very same results. Here we go:

  • Apply a lid primer first. There is no need for the primer to be tinted, because the whole lids will be covered with bright and opaque colors. But the application of the primer is a must-do step. Otherwise, the shadows are at risk – they could smudge and fade away if the lids are not prepared with a primer.

  • Then, you can apply a soft beige shadow all over the lid as a background shadow.

  • Cover the outer and inner corner of the whole eye with bright blue color. Trace the crease with a soft, transparent blue line. Leave the middle areas of the eye nude.

  • Cover these middle areas with green, pearl eyeshadow.

  • Then blend the colors together with a big round brush.

  • Create a smoky V-shaped corner by pulling the color out with a brush.

  • Finish the look with a thin black line only at the top lash line and then apply a thick layer of mascara.

Don’t forget to shape and fill in the eyebrows as well.

Such a bright and colorful makeup shouldn’t be applied for a casual event, such as work day, or school day, or any other daily appointments. This makeup is perfect for a night event, or photoshoot, or something like that. You can’t enter the office with such a heavy and bright makeup. Always match your appearance with the events you are attending. There are night makeup designs and there are day makeup designs. Choose wisely!

bright colors for bright eyes

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