Celebrate the Last Summer Days With This Party Makeup

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The summer is full of opportunities for parties and joyful events. Your job is to prepare yourself for these events with proper look – hair, makeup and outfit. Down below you will find a great idea for a party makeup. There is also a tutorial which will help you create the design all by yourself. Take a look:

  • Every bold makeup, just like this one, require a layer of primer. This product has the important role to hold the makeup to last longer, during the whole night. So, apply small dots of primer on the lids and spread it all over with your ring finger. Sometimes it is recommended to use tinted primer, but this time is not like that, because the makeup is bold and dark enough to cover the lids and there will be no noticeable color difference between the lids and the skin complexion of the face.

  • Once the lids are prepared, you can start the application of the makeup colors. The first color is the nude one. It will work as a base for the next color. Apply the nude base all over the lid, but don’t cover the brow bone.

  • Use soft eye pencil and draw winged V shape at the outer corner of the eye. The color should be black. Then, trace the crease, but leave the inner half of the lid nude, because you will enhance it with other colors.

  • Smudge the black line of the crease a little bit with brown color. The soft tone of the brown shadow will create a depth of the eye, which will secure an effect of a bigger looking eye.

  • Now, cover the inner half of the eye with gray eyeshadow. Blend it in.

  • Cover the V shape at the outer corner of the eye with matching glitter.

  • Finish the look with mascara and winged eyeliner.

  • Done!

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