Check out the Different Kinds of Tea and Their Health Benefits

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Teas is quite popular around the world. It is a traditional drink in some countries that even a day cannot go by without missing to have a cup of nice and warm tea. And for a drink to be so popular around the world, it is more or less obvious what the reason for it is that it has a lot of health benefits. You only need to find out which kind of tea is best for your own health. If does not matter whether you have some health problems, or you want to use it as a prevention for some kind of disease, the specific kind of tea would be of some help. And since winter is coming, people want to warm up with a hot cup of tea before going to bed. Some people drink it in the morning instead of coffee. Here are the different kids of teas and their health benefits!

Green tea

One of the most popular teas around the world lately. Just like the green coffee, which people drink to lose some weight, green tea is also drunk for this reason. The way it works is quite simple actually. It speeds up a person’s metabolism, which makes them pay more visits to the toilet, and thus they do not store that much of the food they have absorbed. The great thing about this is that it contains a lot of antioxidants, which is why it works great as a prevention for heart diseases and cancer.

Camomile tea
If green tea was not that sweet, which is one reason why people might not like it, then you will not have this kind of problem with camomile tea. It is quite nice and soft, and it would not irritate your taste. It is not only this, but it has also great health benefits. The main one is that is calms your nerves and helps you get a better night sleep. So, we recommend that you drink it before going to be and not early in the morning or at some point during the day, because it would make you sleepy. The other health benefits camomile tea has are that it prevents from loss of vision or developing some kind of kidney problems.

Elderflower tea

The next tea that has a lot of health benefits, is elderflower tea. It has a very nice smell and sweet taste. A lot of people drink elderflower juice, so why not try the tea instead? You probably will be surprised about which part of your health it is responsible for. It actually works best with fighting common colds. It kills the bacteria and warms up one’s throat when their tonsils are swollen. Of course, for common colds you can drink any kind of tea, or at least that is what your doctor would tell you, but try with elderflower for maximum result.

Lemon balm tea
If you have never tried drinking tea with honey and lemon, than you have missed a lot. At least when it comes to the lemon. It will give your tea a nice refreshing flavor and a lot of vitamins. If you do not have any lemon around you, you can drink tea with lemon flavor. Of course, it would not be the same as adding fresh lemon juice to it, but it still has benefits. One of them is their calming effect. It is the best kind of tea to drink when you are under stress at work. Tea is famous for having a calming effect and soothing down nerves, but lemon balm tea is the best one to choose.

Ginger tea

Ginger tea is part of the herbal tea group. Each herbal tea is more or less responsible for a certain part of the human’s health. And if you wonder which part ginger tea is connected to, it is the stomach. When you are nauseous, for example, because you have eaten something that has upset your stomach, or if you felt sick when you were traveling by car or bus (some people often feel nauseous when they are traveling fast by car, or the road is very uneven). If you have a more sensitive stomach, then you should keep a package of ginger tea with you, or at least at home and at work. It would certainly be of a good use to you.

Peppermint tea

Last, but certainly not least in our group of tea, it is peppermint tea. What it is most famous for is that it helps with bloating. If you are feeling some discomfort in your stomach, for example, or if you have dark circles and puffiness around your eyes, you can easily make them all disappear by drinking peppermint tea. It has a nice, refreshing taste. And if you are not usually a fan of peppermint, do not worry, because you won’t feel the taste that strongly as in other drinks, and you will be able to cure your bloated bodily organs.


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