Choose a Character For the Halloween Makeover

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The Halloween eve is a favorite holiday for many people. We decorate out homes, we decorate ourselves, but I think that the present generation rarely know what’s all about Halloween. It is a well known fact that it’s a holiday for the dead, but we are not celebrating the death. The original story tells that the 31 of October is the moment when the darker half of the year begins – the Winter, which means that the line between our world and Otherworld tinned. That’s why people started to offer food as a treat for the other creatures to keep us save. And the whole craze about the costumes is connected with the Otherworld again – we mask ourselves so these creatures couldn’t recognize us among them during the eve of 31st October. That’s the short story, of course there are many other detials for gods and traditions, but the these are the basic points of the Halloween meaning.

So, now when it is all clear what in fact is Halloween, you should choose a character to play. I noticed recently that many people forgot that we have to blend in with the creatures from the Otherworld, and they choose adorable and nice costumes, but I want to follow the tradition and to mask with something that is at least a little bit scary. How about the Corpse Bride from the Tim Burton movie? Let me show you a tutorial for the makeup and you will decide if you want to make that costume. Here we go:

  • You will need a lot of decorating paint – light blue, darker blue and white. For the rest of the look you can use your regular makeup products, which are black eyeliner and pink lipstick.

  • Paint your whole face, including shoulders and collarbones, with the light blue paint.

  • Then draw the eyes and eyebrows as it is shown in the picture.

  • And finish the look with the lipstick and blue hair.

  • Done!

choose a character for your alloween makeup

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