Christmas Gifts Your Boyfriend Should Never Give You

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Christmas is getting closer and closer and people have already started thinking about the presents they are going to buy for Christmas. This could be a good reason to go shopping, but some of people find it a bit of a torture, especially if they are out of ideas. Today we have decided to share with you some gift ideas which one should give to their partner. And this way should should have something in mind if your partner gives one of them to you this Christmas. Here they are!

#1 A pet

Surely one could have been dreaming for a pet all their life, but it is not a very appropriate gift. People should be absolutely sure that they are ready to take this responsibility and they should be the ones to take the decision to adopt or buy an animal. And that is basically why a pet is not quite an appropriate idea for a Christmas present. There are some people who repeatedly claim they want a pet, but would be absolutely terrified if they have to look after one. That is why it is better to be safe than sorry and do not take such risks.

#2 Clothes with no receipt

it is true that when one gives somebody a gift, they should not tell them how much money they spent on it. This is basically because it is rude to show people how much money you have spent on their gift no matter if the sum is big or not. However, when we talk about clothes, one should never give them without the receipt on.

This is because if the clothes do not fit, this person you gave them to can take them back to the shop and get a different size that would fit. This is the hard thing when we talk about clothes for gifts. One can never be sure about size and even taste. That is why you should never give or receive clothes with no receipt.

#3 Shampoos and body lotions

Here is another gift I am sure you have received at least once in your life – bathing products, like shampoos, conditioners, body lotions, shower gels, and many more. This is because this gift is a practical one and a person always needs such products.

However, when we talk about gifts from one’s boyfriend, you can be sure that this is a terrible one. It means exactly what it was written above. It is like he does not know what to dive you, that is why he chooses something practical and totally impersonal.

That is why it is even a little offending to give your partner such a gift. And it does not matter if they are boy, or girl. You also need to have it in mind and never ever give your partner such kind of gift.

#4 Cash

Here is another “gift” that most girls will be definitely not glad to receive. It is true that sometimes it is very difficult to choose the perfect present for your partner, but it does not mean that one should make no effort and simply give their partner money.

And if your boyfriend does this, do not trust him when he tells you that “This way you can buy whatever you like”. No, he is simply being lazy. It is much better if one makes the effort and goes shopping, choose something hand-made, or surprise you in a way. After all that is why Christmas presents are for – to show the people you love they matter to you.

#5 Kitchen stuff

The worst nightmare of every girl who has been in a relationship for not so long time is to receive a pan, or a set of glasses from her boyfriend. Men should already know that women do not like such kinds of presents that mean they should stay in the kitchen and do woman’s work. This is a totally uncreative present that can make a girl mad at their boyfriend for this. This is definitely no-no when we talk about presents for women by their boyfriends.

#6 Stuffed animals

Personally I love stuffed animals, but there are a lot of women who find it disturbing when they boyfriend appears with such a gift for Christmas. Stuffed animals are for children and not for grown-up women that is why men should forger about giving such kinds of gifts to their girlfriends who are no longer teenagers. And stuffed animals go to the list of things one should never give to their girlfriend for Christmas.

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