Clothes You Should Avoid Wearing This Spring

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Spring and summer are usually the two seasons which are perfect for experimenting with one’s style. This is the time of the year when people can forget about wearing dark clothes and wear some fresh and bright color instead.

However, there are some clothes that are not very suitable for this time of the year. Other clothes are not very complementing, especially when it comes to hiding some part of one’s body that they do not like.

Today we have prepared for you a list of clothes that are not the best choice for a spring wear. Check them out and be careful if you choose to wear them.

#1 Short skirts

Short skirts are usually a type of clothing that is suitable for the summer and not that much for spring time. The first reason for this is the fact that it shows too much skin and spring time is not the hottest time of the year. There are cool days and the evenings can get really chilly at times.

Another reason to avoid wearing short skirts is that it may reveal too much of your body. I feel like such clothes are designed to be worn by girls who look like models. When it comes to the rest of us, it is better to wear a skirt that is not as short. You can wear instead a skirt with length a little bit above the knee.

#2 Leggings

First of all, I think that is time for a lot of women to stop wearing only leggings as bottom wear not only in the spring but in general. There are a lot of women who almost completely expose their booties and their vagage to the eyes of the people around them. Leggings fit one’s body in such a way that sometimes it looks as if this woman has left without putting pant on.

That is why if one decides to wear leggings, they should match it with some long top that will at least cover their booty area. In general, this trend is not so trendy this year. That is why it is better to forget about it and leave it in the past. If you ask me, it should have never appeared at all.

#3 Culottes pants

Usually culottes pants are one of the trends that is a hot right now and it is fine if a lady has such an item in their wardrobe. However, there are two things one should take into consideration before that.

First of all one should decide whether they feel comfortable in it and, more importantly, whether they would suit their body type. As you know, there are pieces of clothing that may be hot ones right now, but if they do not suit one’s body, then there is no point in wearing them.

Such kinds of pants look great on tall and slim women. This is because the width of the pants will not “take” a lot from their height and even if it does, the tall women will still be able to rock the pants, because their tall.

Secondly, a couple of pounds could be added to the weight of a slim woman without making her look fat. It will add some more elegance to her body. That is why one should be careful if they decide to wear this trend.

#4 Ruffles

Ruffles are cute and very romantic. They give some slight vintage touch to one’s clothe. However, ruffles are not one of the top trends this month and that is why it is better to avoid wearing them at least this season. You can try layering instead which is a nice mix of Boho and modern-day styles. And it is a current trend.

Ruffles on the other hand have one extra “power”and that is to add some width to one’s body. That is also why one should avoid wearing ruffles if they do not want to look even bigger in size. Already voluptuous women should be extra careful if they choose to wear ruffles.

#5 Transparent dresses

Another type of clothing that women should avoid wearing this season is transparent dresses. In fact, if a part of one’s clothing is transparent it would be fine, but one needs to be careful which part. Even if one’s body is absolutely flawless, they should still avoid wearing such kinds of dresses which reveal too much of their bodies. They could be considered as too provocative. And besides, this season is still not very suitable for such kind of clothes that reveal too much of one’s body.

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