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Not all girls are lucky enough to have perfectly shaped eyes. Some of us must learn a few makeup tricks in order to get the shape we want and the shape we like the most.

One of the biggest problems of some girls is that their eyes are small and they don’t look good when covered with a lot of intense makeup products, such as thick, winged eyeliner. But that’s not a problem no more, when the trend of the nude color came around. You achieve an effect of bigger looking eyes with this little trick. Take a look:

  • You will need light colors, but first apply the makeup as usual, but keep the bottom waterline nude.

  • The first light color is the nude pencil. It must be applied right at the bottom waterline, but first dry the waterline with a cotton swab carefully in order to create a good base, on which the color of the nude pencil will stick right onto the waterline.

  • It is highly recommended to use a beige eye pencil, not a white one, because the beige color will blend in perfectly and the effect won’t look fake.

  • Then use a beige matte eyeshadow to highlight the inner corner of the eye and the brow bone. You can see that this whole trick looks like a contouring technique, but for the eyes, not for the face. The highlighter at the inner corner of the eye and the brow bone will catch the light, which will contribute to the wanted effect of bigger looking eyes.

When you think that you have a flaw, don’t get desperate, there is always a way to feel better with a little bit of makeup to boost your mood.

Come back and you will find even better designs and tricks. See you soon!

color for bigger eyes

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