Common Cooking Mistakes and Their Solutions

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There are a lot of people who like cooking and this is their hobby. But sometimes no matter how much you know about a thing, like cooking, there are still some details which one may fail to notice, or just has not heard about. Today we are going to show you some cooking hack that will surely make your life easier and in the end you may turn into a real cooking expert. So, check them out!

#1 How to check when meat is ready

If you have ever roasted, or stir-fried meat, then you probably know how difficult it is to cook it perfectly. Sometimes you may fail to turn the meat on time and it will end up being over-cooked and rough. There is a way, however, which will help you find out when it is the right time to flip meat. If you turn it too often to the other side you may make it too crispy, but if you shake the pan a little before that and if the meat moves (it is not stuck to the pan), then this is a sign it is time to flip it. And this way you will get a nicely cooked meat.


#2 How to find out if eggs are fresh

Sometimes people buy eggs without knowing whether they are fresh or not. There is actually a way for you to find this out. The only thing you are going to need is a glass of cold water. Gently put the egg into the glass. If it reaches the bottom of the glass and if it stays there, then it means the egg is fresh. If it starts floating on the surface of the water, then this would be a sign that the egg is definitely a bad one. And if it stays in the middle of the glass, then it would mean that it is a stale one and it is also not good to eat it.

#3 Learn how to properly grill fish

A lot of people find grilling as the easiest way of cooking fish, but there are still some subtleties about it. If you want to cook the best grilled fish without bits of it sticking to the grill, then you need to try this trick. Use pieces of lemons. Line them on the grill and then put the fish on top of the lemon pieces and grill it. This way you will not only prevent the fish not stick to the grill, but you will also give the fish some lemony flavor.

#4 How to quickly turn butter from fridge to room temperature

There are a lot of recipes that include butter at room temperature. However, if you decide to try one of these recipes, you may need to wait for some time in order for the temperature of the butter to become a room one. Well, if you are not a patient person, or if you are in a hurry to cook some dish, then you may try this hack which will almost automatically turn butter from fridge to room temperature.

You need to put a glass of water in the microwave and to heat it for a couple of minutes. When the time is up, get the glass and pour the water in the sink. Use the glass to cover the butter with it. The heated glass will help it become softer and to melt a little in a few minutes. Then it will be ready for use.

#5 Stir-fry meat like a pro

The next hack is for those of you who like cooking meat. If you have to stir-fry some meat, you need to make sure that the quantity of it is not too big. If you, for example, use a small pan and you cook a lot of meat in it, you may not cook it properly because the bits of meat will be one on top of the other. This way some pieces of the meat will be well-cooked, others overcooked, and some not cooked at all. What you need to do in this case if you want to be a master of stir-frying meat, is to leave some space between the pieces of meat. This way they will be evenly cooked and will also be nice, tender and juicy.

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