Contour Your Face as Seen on the Red Carpet

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Contouring and highlighting are like chocolate syrup and vanilla ice cream: best combined together. Contouring is the most confusing beauty technique of all time. Yet, it is the trend that you need to master this year! You watch so many YouTube tutorials where girls are practically transforming their faces with diagonal lines of full-coverage foundations, and then about 10 minutes later, they emerge looking like an entirely different person. Here is a secret: it is not impossible! You just need to follow these simple steps on how to contour your face!

Step 1: Before you begin, apply a small amount of makeup primer all over your face to make the contouring last longer without smudging away. This will help in leaving your skin perfectly smooth for makeup application.

Step 2: Now, let’s start with the lighter foundation, e.g. the highlighting step. This step can help you define your natural facial features and create a gorgeous glow only if it is applied correctly. The ideal places to dab your highlight are your cheekbones, along your temples, the bridge of your nose between the eyes, underneath the arch of the brow, and right above your Cupid’s bow. Apply a small amount of highlighter right in the corners of your eyelids to open up your eyes. Then, take the dark contour and apply it below your cheekbones, at both sides of your forehead, along the edges of your nose and just a little bit on your chin.

Step 3: Take a clean fluffy brush and blend your lines nicely to ensure a seamless transition. Blend until you can’t see a line anymore. This step will ensure that the contouring makeup effect is blended nicely with your skin tone and not visible to anyone.

Step 4: Continue with the rest of your makeup to achieve a red carpet look!


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