Contouring for a Natural Look

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Contouring has become very popular lately. If you just type the word in an Internet browser, you will immediately be shown hundreds of different looks, all made possible thanks to this technique. A lot of women think that contouring is everything but natural – the more makeup you apply on one’s face, the less natural will be your face. Of course, this is true, but you have heard of “no makeup makeup” and looks that just accentuate one’s natural beauty by using makeup. The same is with contouring. It is not necessary that you turn it into a mask. You can still look natural with contouring, and that is what the good thing about makeup is – everybody can find what they want.

So, here is the tutorial.

You will need: highlighter and foundation darker than your natural skin tone. If you are about to try contouring for the first time, we recommend you to use the special contouring kits. This way you will not have to trouble over finding the right foundation or highlighter for your skin. Instead of foundation you may use bronzer. You can try it both ways and find out which one you prefer. Once you have everything needed, you may begin.

Step 1

Get some of your foundation/bronzer and apply it on the upper half of your forehead, beginning from your temples, passing through your eyebrows and forming an arch.

Step 2

When you are done with the forehead, apply some of the foundation/bronzer beginning again from the temples, but this time forming a line right under the apples of your cheeks. This way you will accentuate on your cheekbones.

Step 3

Apply some of the foundation on the left and right sides of your nose, up to the nostrils. The last part of your face which needs to be covered with foundation/brozer is the lower part of your face. Accentuate your chin by applying foundation both on its left and right sides.

Step 4

Now it is time for the highlighter. Apply it on these parts of your face which you skipped when applying the foundation – the second half of your forehead, your cheeks and cheekbones, the center part of your nose and your chin.

Step 5

Now get a blending brush and blend everything, every little part of your face. There should not be any harsh lines if you want a natural look.

And you are ready!


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