Cool Date Ideas for the Summer

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Summer is probably the season that people love the most because the weather is warm, the days are longer, the sun is shining and one’s mood is improved greatly. It is a season when one could have fun and spend more time outdoors. And it is no surprising that people decide to start dating more in the summer.It is somewhat a natural process.

So, how to make the summer unforgettable and have a great time with your dates? We have prepared for you some ideas for cool dates in the summer. And yes, pun was intended. Check them out!

#1 Go to wine tasting

If you do not want to have a typical date, like going to a restaurant or to a bar, you could go to some wine tasting instead. If both you are your date like wines, you could go to some winery in the country. You could have a long walk in the vineyards, taste some good wine, have it with cheese and just have some good time together.

You will have a lot of time to talk as well and you will spend time in the nature which should definitely be one of the top activities in the summer season.

#2 Have a picnic

If the first idea in our list was connected to drinking, the second will combine both drinking and food. And on top of that it will be all in the nature. What else than a picnic. It is no secret that men like eating, some of them more than others. That is why a picnic could really appeal to guys.

You could also choose a destination that is out of town, in the nature, and not the usual picnic in the park. Of course, if you do not have the opportunity to go out of town, you could have the picnic in some park. Get some fresh food and spend some good time outdoors.

#3 Hire a convertible and ride along a beach

One of every girl’s dreams is probably to ride a convertible with the love of her life along a beach with the sun setting in the background. It sounds very romantic and a typically summer thing, so why don’t you try it? You will have a great summer experience with your date.

You will also spend some time alone together. You will have the opportunity to talk, to admire the beautiful summer scenery, and then to go to some place you can stop by, have dinner, or a stroll. The next day you will return the car and you will have had some incredible experience.

#4 Ride a bicycle

The next idea in our list could be both the way of traveling to the place of the date and the very date itself. Instead of driving a car, you could hire some bikes. You will have the opportunity to talk and at the same time there will be no awkward silence because you will already have another activity going on.

You will also do some kind of physical activity, which on top of that is fun and environmentally-friendly. If you and your date are up to such kind of experiences, then you should not hesitate to try some other outdoor sports and physical activities in the summer, like roller-blading and horse-riding.

#5 Go to some rooftop

Nowadays there are a lot of places where you could climb up to the rooftop and admire the view from up there. And there is a reason why people prefer to climb to the top of the buildings and not just to go to some floor of a high-rise building. And the reason is that they would feel nothing is above them while on some of the other random floors, they will still feel the imaginary pressure of the other floors on them.

Spending some time on a rooftop is also a great way to spend a date. This experience and the view especially will make you feel relaxed and will bring some romantic summer mood to the date. There are a lot of rooftop bars you could go to and have some really good time together. This is a relaxing summer date idea.

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