Cool, Fun, and Romantic Date Ideas for Fall

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Many people think that the best time to find a partner is the summer because people are more adventurous then and they go out more. However, summer relationships last only one season and when fall comes, the flirt is over. This means that summer is the season of flirting and having fun, but if you find a partner in the fall, for example, it is more likely that the things get serious.

You should not underestimate fall when it comes to love and romance. The season has a lot in its sleeve and that is what we will be striving at today. We have prepared for you a list of fun and romantic date ideas for the fall. After reading this, you could surely give the season a chance and why not like it even more than you think.

#1 Have a picnic

Even if the weather in fall could often get gloomy and rainy, there are always some sunny days which a person could take advantage of. So, why do not you have a picnic on a sunny day with your partner or partner-to-be. This way you could enjoy the foliage and the pleasantly shining sun.

And if you want to make it even more pleasant, you could go to the countryside on a picnic. You could find some nice spot with a great view where you could have a hot cup of coffee or tea. You can also prepare some meals with fall fruits, like pumpkins and apples, to make the picnic even more seasonal.

#2 Set fire

The next idea could be connected to the first one. You can actually have a picnic and set some fire after sunset. This way the date will become even more romantic. You could snuggle in front of the fire watching the stars and enjoying each other’s company. And since it could be quite chilly at night, then some snuggling would not hurt anyone, on the contrary.

#3 Visit a farmer’s market

The next type of idea in the list is a typically autumn one. This season is usually associated with harvesting and the fruits and vegetables harvested then, like grapes, apples, pears, and pumpkins. So, why do not you and your date do not go on a farmer’s market to try some of the fresh farmers’ production. You will also enjoy the pleasant and rural atmosphere of the place if you are into such kind of activities.

#4 Watch a scary movie

The next date idea is actually a preparation for one of the most fun holidays in the season – Halloween. Considering one of the movies that has been released this month and how spooky it is, you can easily take the chance and go for this kind of experience. Besides, when you watch a scary movie with a partner, you can grab his hand and even snuggle with him if the movie gets too scary. This way the physical contact will be even stronger.

#5 Go on a boat ride

The next idea is considered to be one of the summer ones since beach time often is accompanied by yacht journeys. This does not mean, however, that one should forget about boats in the fall. On the contrary, you can go on a boat ride with your date and why not let him do the rowing. There are special lakes where one can enjoy some romantic and old-fashioned boating in the nature. The activity will surely give you some time to talk or simply to enjoy each other’s company.

#6 Go to a cottage in the countryside

Another idea which is suitable for a couple that has been dating for some time and who want to escape all the hustle in the city. You can actually take a long weekend and go to the countryside in a cottage. You can enjoy the beautiful nature at this time of the year.

Summer is the time when people should go to the beach and autumn is the season when one can enjoy the mountainous nature or the rural one. You can go for long walks, cuddle in front of the fireplace, if there is one in the cottage, have some warming-up tea or some vintage sort of wine.

#7 Go to a haunted house

The next date idea in our list is again inspired by the spookiest holiday in the year – Halloween. If you want to find a funny type of date, then you surely need to consider visiting a haunted house. There are a lot of such type of houses already, especially when Halloween comes. The experience could be a laugh, of course, if you are not too frightened by such kind of experiences.

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