Copper Colors for Your Lids

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If you want to achieve bright and fresh look for your eyes, you should use warm and pearl shadows and colors. Such colors are the copper, the beige and the light creamy shimmer. I will show you how to use these colors in order to create a fresh and bright looking effect for your tired eyes. Well, if your eyes are not tired it will be even better, but the point is that you can freshen up your look with this makeup if needed. Take a look at the steps and follow them one by one, they are easy. Here we go:

  • As usual, you should start with a primer. I’m sick and tired of repeating the same thing over and over again, but that’s because I want you to create the best possible makeup design and when that happen, this makeup design must last longer, which is the job of the makeup primer.
  • After the lids are all set and ready with the primer, you should start the application of the colors. We will create the pop-out effect by putting the lightest color in the middle of the lid. So, apply the Blackheart color from the palette at the inner corner of the lid and cover the whole area of the bottom lid as well.
  • Then, create a V shape at the outer corner of the lid with the very same darker color. Smudge the lines with the Nooner shadow.
  • Finally, apply the Buzz color right in the middle of the lid and use a clean and fluffy brush to merge down the colors.
  • Finish the makeup with eyeliner, lash curler and mascara. Also, don’t forget to pay attention to the eyebrows, otherwise the masterpiece will look unfinished.

All done! Enjoy the look and come back for more great ideas, tutorials,  tips, tricks, and inspiration for your personal DIY projects. Have fun!




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