Creamy Dessert as a Perfect End of the Night

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During the holidays we are allowed to cheat a little bit with not so healthy foods, but extremely delicious ones. An example of this sinful desire is the dessert with pastry cream. There are a lot of versions for making sweet temptation with this not-so-weight-friendly ingredient for desserts. I’ll show you three different creamy desserts and your job is to choose only one and you’ll have to prepare it. Take a look:

Strawberry cream with whipped cream
You will need: 200 ml cream, 6 tablespoons of castor sugar, 125 g cream cheese and 250 g strawberries.
Preparation: Mix the cream cheese and the sugar until smooth consistency of the mixture. Then whip the cream until snowy fluffy and add it to the first mixture of sugar and cream cheese. Mix the strawberries in a blender and add them to the creamed mixture. Let it cool down in the fridge and after a while serve with fresh strawberries as decoration.

Cream with almonds                                                                                                                                                      You will need: 600 ml cream, 600 ml milk, 100 g almonds, 300 g sugar, 2 vanilla extracts, 35 g gelatin, 40 ml water.

Preparation: Boil the milk with 150 g sugar, add to that hot mixture the melted gelatin (melt it in a steam bath with the water). Let that mixture cool down until jelly consistency. While you wait that to happen, you can beat the cream with the rest of the sugar until fluffy snow.
Cut the almonds in the blender and add them to the whipped cream. Then combine the two mixtures and stir nicely. Pour in bowls and cool them in the fridge. Before serving, you can top them with jam or melted chocolate.

Cream with chocolate and coffee
You will need: 400 ml cream, 200 ml ground coffee, 50 g dark chocolate, 2 gelatins, 2 tablespoons sugar, 50 g coconut flakes.
Preparation: Melt the gelatin in 100 ml hot water for 10 minutes, after that finish the melting by steaming it in another bowl of boiling water. Whip the cream with the sugar, the coconut flakes, the vanilla and 2/3 of the cooled gelatin. Boil the coffee and melt the chocolate in it. Add to the coffee the rest of the gelatin and stir until they mix.
This dessert is layered. Pour one layer of the cream mixture in glass bowls and cool them in the fridge for a couple of minutes, then pour the coffee mixture, keep doing that routine until the bowl is filled to the top. Decorate them with grated sugar or cocoa powder.
Enjoy the desserts, but be careful with the calories. Have fun!

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