Creating the Perfect Cat Eye Wing Using Tape

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If you have shaky hands, then you’ve probably found that drawing on a cat eye with liquid liner is incredibly challenging. Unless you have the steady hands of a surgeon, mastering the technique of liquid eyeliner is just plain hard. Luckily, sketching on exotic cat eyes just got a lot easier thanks to this one sticky trick. It works. When placed diagonally out from the corners of your eyes, it becomes a stencil and can help you get perfectly even wings! Here’s how to do it.

For this tutorial you will need Scotch tape, scissors, waterproof black eyeliner, mascara and a q-tip in case you mess up.

Step 1: Pull off a small piece of Scotch tape and place it at the corner of your eye and angle it diagonally to line up with the corner of your eyebrow. Take another small piece of tape and place it above your lash line and angle it slightly to meet the second piece. At this point, you need to decide how thick you want the eyeliner to be.

Step 2: Now, grab your liquid eyeliner and apply it to the skin inside of the tape. Make sure to fill in any empty spaces. This is very important if you want to create the perfect cat eyeliner look. You may even apply several coats of the eyeliner to intensity it.

Step 3: Slowly peel off the tape to reveal a perfect cat eye. It’s alright if you have messed up the first time around! You can easily clean up any imperfections with a q-tip.

Step 4: Choose nice mascara which lengthens lashes while enhancing curl and moisturizing. Apply multiple coats for a buildable, virtually weightless, smudge and flake-proof look! Curling your eyelashes will help open up your eyes and really make them stand out.

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