Creative Wedding Invitation Ideas for Your Special Day

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Nowadays there are a lot of different ideas for celebrating one’s wedding. People can marry underwater, in a balloon, on the beach, or in a field in the countryside, and in the future people would probably get married in the outer space. The whole wedding preparation could be also quite creative.

Today we are going to focus on a specific part of the preparation of one’s wedding. And this is the wedding invitations. Some people may not consider it a part of the wedding they need to focus on because it is supposedly outdated. In the past couples informed their guests through wedding invitations for the place and the date of the wedding.

Nowadays they can inform them through the net or personally but still tangible invitations remain a formal invitation to the wedding and are also a souvenir for the guests that will remind them of the great experience they had at the wedding.

Today we have prepared for you some creative ways you could design your wedding invitations to surprise your guests and to make them feel good and even flattered for receiving such pretty invitations. So, check them out!

#1 A Balloon Invitation

The first wedding invitation in our list is for those of you who like balloons. The way you could prepare the invitation is to order a number of balloons with information about the wedding, like place, date, time, and so on, printed on the balloon. The other interesting thing you could do is to let the guests blow the balloon and only then to find out the details about the wedding.

The negative side of this kind of invitation is that the balloon could burst and this way the guests may not have a sweet souvenir from the wedding. What you could do to make the guests keep the invitations safe is to tell them to bring the balloons with them at the wedding to make the wedding decorations complete.

#2 A jigsaw puzzle

The next wedding invitation has become popular lately, but this does not mean that you cannot try it if you like it. You could design your wedding invitation as a jigsaw puzzle. The invitations need to be made by some thick carton so that the jigsaw puzzle can remain intact with time.

This is an interesting way and yet not too complicated to invite your guests to the wedding. Just let them put together the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle and they will find everything they need to know for the wedding.

#3 Fairytale invitation

The next type of invitation you could have in mind if you decide yo have an interesting and unusual type of wedding invitation is the fairytale one. What you could do is to design the invitation in the form of a fairytale. You could hire someone to write down the story of you and your partner in the form of a fairytale, or if you want and you are able to you could do it yourself.

The design of the invitation itself could be also a typical fairytale one with the font of the text being a vintage one. This way your wedding invitation will not only be a unique one but an interesting and a special one. You can be sure your guests will be surprised and thrilled when they receive it. In other words, you will make a really good impression on them.

#4 A comics

And speaking of creative and interesting ways to invite your guests to the wedding in some literary ways, here comes the next idea – a comics wedding invitation. You could design your wedding invitation as a short comic book inviting all your guests to the special occasion. It will be both interesting and unique and you will get the chance to see yourself as a comic character.

#5 A newspaper invitation

And since we have started talking about different literary types of wedding invitations, the next one is a similar one – a newspaper invitation. You can create the invitation with some breaking news. Put the date, the place, and the time of the event and, of course, put some pictures of the groom and the bride there. You could take some pictures precisely for the newspaper. It will be an interesting and unusual design and your guests will surely like it.

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