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I know that the stereotype of skinny girls is over now, but still, the fashion magazines are showing the trends basically on thin and skinny girls.  Today I want to talk about the crop top style and how it suits any kind of body type. I accept the curvy and juicy shapes of a woman’s body, I even prefer them in front of flat butt and breasts. So, let’s start with the examples. Take a look:

  • Elastic denim, high waist and a shirt, tied under the breasts. Imagine that combination on a girl with round hips and big booty. She will look delicious and juicy, especially if this outfit is matched with casual, messy curls and high heels.

  • Ombre skirt with lace top. I’m sorry  that I don’t have a picture to show you this one, but I’m sure that you are imagining it just right. The nude waist and the long, maxi Ombre skirt will match the Spring mood.

  • A great way to hide some unnecessary fluffy areas of your body is to match maxi skirt with loosen, oversized short top. Don’t choose a top that is tight fitting to your body. This will only make you feel uncomfortable.

  • And if you want to hide some cellulite, you can always match a midi skirt with a fitted crop top with 3/4 sleeves. Let the skirt be the accent of the outfit and choose one color top.

  • Now I want you to prepare for the summer, because this one is really cropped out – high waist short and casual blouse. Choose the shorts according to the condition of your legs. If you are curvy, but cellulite free – you are allowed to wear the shorts, otherwise you won’t look so great.

  • Go for prints this year, especially the oriental ones.

  • Black and white outfit is always a classic way to express your style, put one colorful accent to the black and white crop top look and you will look stunningly good.

  • And for the summer parties, you must bet on the glitter, studs, beads, etc. Just match them well and don’t overdo the glitter.

  • And for the chilly summer night you can rely on a soft, short sweater to warm your shoulders, while you are walking the streets with your friends in your leathered, short, high waist skirt. And don’t forget to put on your high heels.

  • If you are a lucky girl, who doesn’t have the nasty love handles, you are allowed to wear slimming body midi skirt and a fitting crop top. You can even match this outfit with a leather jacket.

  • If you have small booty and larger top body, you have to try the combination of skinny jeans and oversized short top with flying sleeves.

  • How about a crop top with long sleeves and short crop skirt?

  • Jumpsuit with some cut outs will create a sexy peek-a-boo look.

  • Vertical stripes will make your body look tall and thin, especially if you are short girl.

  • Don’t forget about the possibility about a bustier and a maxi skirt.

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