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It is time to transform faces with some fresh and colorful makeup trends. We will present the latest trends in fashion and beautification of the 2014th:

Raspberry lips

In raspberry, colored lips are a hot trend in make-up, which we owe to Michael Kors. The effect is achieved by applying patches in a bright shade of red on a bright raspberry base.

Bright orange lipstick

Orange has emerged as a key fashion color in lipsticks this year. Different designers vary in hue, but Donna Karan offered perhaps the most appropriate tone. To achieve this effect, combine on the lips electric neon orange and red lipstick. First mix them on the skin of the hand to achieve the desired shade, apply to lips and frost it lightly with fingertip.

Blue eye shadows

Beginning of this trend in makeup gave Marc Jacobs. Shades of blue are dark and rich, like the shadows are crescent-shaped and are visible above the open lid. This effect is ternary – combine liquid pearl light blue base with pastel shades of color and finish with light blue tone.

Reflector studs

This year eyeliner “cat’s eye” is again in vogue. Tracy Reese showed this playful trend is achieved with liquid eye pencil in black. To elaborate loop use swab dipped in lotion to remove makeup, professional makeup artists advise.

White shadow and eyeliner

Combination of pale pink and white gives the eyelids fresh and unobtrusive appearance. This is a makeup combined white pearl shade with pink opal and eye shadows. Complete with white makeup eyeliner, starting from the inner part of the eye till up at the end.

Golden eyelids

Jason Wu has shown that the emphasis in the makeup of this year in his show. The stunning effect is achieved with a dark brown pencil eyelid combined with liquid eye mascara. The basis for the eyelids are brown shades combined with metallic gold pigment powder.

Gentle shining complexion on the face

The trend in make-up by Phillip Lim combines color moisturizer for face and pearlescent liquid foundation. This includes the cheeks, nose, upper and slightly bronzed forehead pad.

Hints of chartreuse lids

Layla Rose had light chartreuse as a trend for the season. Light green eye shadow mixed with a few colored pigments. Eyelids look fresh when the rest of the face is with light makeup – little pink lips and cheeks.

In conclusion, we can say that makeup this year is lighter, looking innocently and radiant, with focus on the eyes and lips. For ladies with fair skin, coral shades are recommended. If your skin is not very dark, but not very bright either, then any shade of raspberry to burgundy will look good. It is important to respect your hair color, too. Ladies with dark skin are advised to use rich shades – such as deep burgundy. Whichever color you choose for your look, you cannot go wrong. Finish the makeup with mascara and you get a real star shine. Wear what best matches your skin type and personality, and you will look as gorgeous as desired.

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