Day Date Ideas For New Couples

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I understand that you are overloaded with all kinds of articles about dates, love, relationships, gifts and so on, because the St. Valentine’s day is coming, but it’s our job and we have to help you go trough the day without making a mistake with the choice of place, music or food. Here are some ideas for a day date and how to make it perfect, especially when you are a new couple and  you don’t know each other so well:

  • Book seats in the local cinema to watch 50 shades of Grey. Believe it or not, this movie will boost the mood and you will be able to discuss how bad it was or how good, according to the result of the movie.
  • Or if you are not a fan of the commercial productions, go to theater of a classic play.
  • Make an afternoon picnic outside the city. Don’t cook anything special, just go for appetizers, fruits and sweets. You can make mini pizzas and freshly squeezed orange juice, just fill in the basket with different foods and drinks and he will like at least two things out of it.
  • You can move a little bit and boost up the mood with some rush and muscle tension – go to  indoor rock-climbing. You will bond together by the physical exercises and the fact that you are relying on each other not to fall down. A great way to feel more confident with the man besides you while your relationship is in its beginning phase.
  • And to spice the things even more, you can book a couple’s massage – the full program: steam, pool and private massage. You will feel rested and more  open to each other, which will lead to sharing memories, likes and dislikes.
  • Go to a photo booth. I’m sure you know how joyful it could get in a photo booth. The goofy faces can turn into a make out while you are laughing one to another. Remember, don’t be weird doofus, be adorable doofus.
  • Rent a pro camera and go to the beach, the forest or climb a nearby hill. Enjoy the panoramic views and make a great collection together, if the things are going well, you can make a gift out of the photos for his birthday – a collage.
  • Do some crafting together. It’s not necessary to spend too much money on the materials. You can try to make cookies or something handy for a movie night – popcorn holder or couple identical coffee or tea cups, just use Pinterest as an inspirational guru.
  • Ice skating. If you are lucky to have snow in your town, you will surely find an ice skating platform too. I’m sure you will both enjoy such a moment. And after you freeze, go to a tea house and talk for hours. You will glow with a blush and he will watch  you like you are the most perfect girl in the world.

If it’s meant to be, the date will go perfectly no matter what you do, just enjoy your time together!

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