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The deli foods (or simply fine foods) are those who make the eating one in a lifetime experience. A delicatessen is rare, delicious meal, which often is just to be tasted, not to feed yourself. Delicacies vary per different countries, customs and ages. Some of these fine foods may be considered disgusting by some, but according to the culture an ant larvae is a delicacy in Mexico, for instance. These days the most common delicacy foods are considered as such in the modern countries. And they are:

Caviar. The worldwide approved delicacy is the Caviar. It is made by sieving and salting large fish roe. Just like all of the deli foods, the Caviar also is served as an appetizer, garnish or spread. The flavor is fresh and leaves a taste of an ocean in the mouth. The best fish roe could be found in the Caspian Sea, it is surrounded by Iran and Russia.

Truffles. They are called “The diamonds of the kitchen”. The truffle is the edible body of a subterranean fungus. As a food, the truffles are highly priced. They could be found by highly valued truffle-sniffing dogs and specially trained pigs (truffle hogs). A white 2-pound truffle could be sold for $300,000. The truffle is not served as a main dish. Chefs use truffles as dressing to other meals. Or another way to be served is sliced into paper-thin slices, which could be inserted into meats. Some cheeses may contain truffles too.

Fugu fish. It is also known as the deadly delicacy. The word “Fugu” is the Japanese name of the puffer fish. This fish can be lethally poisonous, but if it is carefully prepared it could be eaten and that’s the reason for its delicacy fame. The restaurant preparation of the Fugu fish is strictly controlled by law in Japan and some other countries. The chefs that can prepare the Fugu delicacy are qualified to do this. They train at least three years. Before you decide to try this delicacy you should do your research really carefully.

Different sausages. The full smoked sausages are a delicacy, which won’t poison you like the Fugu fish can. The sausages delicacies are perfect for wine and fine, old beverages. German and Italian salami are one of the most famous meat deli foods.

Cheeses. The best delicacy food is the cheese. There are hundreds of different types of cheese, according to the culture, country, preparation, spices and so on. When you want to pamper yourself with a bottle of wine and fine delicacy, choose the cheese deli food.


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