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The great thing about eyeliners is that you can have so many different looks with them. Sometimes you may use eyeliner in a different color than the black one to create this new eye look you have been looking for. Other times you can create a new interesting look using your favorite black eyeliner. Today we have prepared for you 4 different eyeliner looks you can wear every day.

You will need only two things: some primer and a gel eyeliner. Some women forget to apply primers before starting the application of their makeup, and that is why it often smears. You will need the primer to create a long-lasting eyeliner. We have also chosen to work with a gel eyeliner, because it is easy to work with and does not smear that much compared to pencil eyeliners, for example. Once you have got all the things you need it is time to get to work.

#1 Simple eyeliner

This eyeliner is quite simple to execute. You can wear it every day, because it is not that strong. All you need to do is to follow your natural eye shape. Just apply small amount of the upper lash line. Do not begin from the inner corner of the eye, but somewhere in the middle. When you reach the end of the lash line stop. Go back in the inner corner of the eye and apply the eyeliner there. And this is it, do not apply the eyeliner further. The wings will be in the second type of liners.

#2 Winged eyeliner

If the first type of eyeliner did not include any “outside of the lash line” eyeliner, this one requires from you to do exactly this. You need to start as usual, apply eyeliner following your natural eye shape. Then comes the wing. Start winging out the eyeliner from the outer corner of your eye in the direction of your eyebrows. Once you reach your crease, stop and connect the wing to the original liner, creating a small angle. If there is any blank space between the lines, fill it in. And this is it.

#3 Double winged eyeliner

This eyeliner is very interesting, and a lot of women prefer to wear it as a club makeup. Here is how to do it. Begin again by naturally shaping your eye, then create the wind, as it is shown in the previous eyeliner type. And then it is time to create the second wing. If you worry that you might mess it up, you may use a scotch tape as a prop.

For the second wing you need to start from the outer corner of the eye following the path of the first wing. You only just need to leave some space between them, so they do not merge at some point. If the first line you create is too thin at first, repeat it again to make it darker and bolder. And one last thing before you are done, smudge a little the second wing in the direction of your lower lash line, so it does not look unfinished. You should reach about the middle of the lower lash line.

#4 Bold and dramatic eyeliner

The last eyeliner in our list is the bold and dramatic one. You can easily create it by making the wing longer and thicker. Start again with shaping your natural eye shape, beginning from the center of the upper lash line. Once you reach the end, stop and go back to the inner corner of the eye to apply eyeliner there. When this is ready, it is time for the wing.

Starting from the end of your upper lash line, create a line in the direction of your eyebrow going over the crease a little. Then connect the center of this line to the main eyeliner you created first. Fill it in and then connect the top of the wing to the main eyeliner by filling it in again. If there is need, shape it a little more.

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