Different Ideas to Wear Hat in the Winter

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Winter is almost here and people look forward to Christmas. But the colder it gets, the more we should worry about our health and our clothes. If you do not want to catch a cold, then you should put on some warm clothes every time you go out in the winter. And one of the items that should definitely be part of your everyday winter outfit is a hat.

That is right, it does not matter if you do not want to ruin your hair, or if you do not like wearing hats, you should find a way to protect your head from the winter colds. To show you that hats are fun, cute and pretty to wear, we have prepared for you some ideas that will inspire you to wear hats in the winter. Check them out!

#1 Casual chick

The first idea in our list is for those of you who like wearing casual and sporty outfits. You may wear the outfit when you go shopping, or when you go to school/college. The whole outfit is in a color which is one of the hot ones this season – beige. Choose a watch hat in a beige color and match it with a long coat in the same color.

Then choose a pair of black skinny jeans and match it with a t-shirt with a sign, or with a black, gray, or white color with a sign on. As for the shoes and the bag, you could wear a pair of sports shoes, or an ankle boots for the colder days. You can choose a big shoulder bag in beige color as well. Or you could stick to black and wear such a shoulder bag.

#2 Russian style

The next idea is inspired by the traditional Russian style. If you have watched Russian movies, or if you have simply seen some pictures of traditional Russian wear, then you are aware of the fluffy hats they have. Well, here is exactly where our inspiration comes in. You could try wearing such faux fluffy hat in the winter. Match it with a long black coat. You could also add some brown skinny pants, or brown skinny jeans. As for the shoes and bag, match the color of the bag to the color of the pants, and wear a pair of black boots. The outfit is perfect for a regular day at the office.

#3 Elegant chick

The next idea that may inspire you to wear a hat in the winter is for those of you who like dressing elegantly. Not all the hats one could wear in the winter are watch hats, or beanies, everybody can find a suitable one that will match their style. That is why there are also elegant hats, like floppy hats that are a perfect accessory to an elegant outfit.

You can either wear it with jeans, or if you want to make the outfit even more elegant, put on a dress or skirt instead. A little black dress is always a good match to floppy hats, and, of course, it is a nice pick for special events. That is also why you should not miss to add a pair of high heels to your outfit and a clutch bag.

#4 Woolen chic

The next idea in our list would appeal to those of you who like wearing woolen clothes. And even if you do not like wearing wool, you could try it as a hat only. There are a lot of people who cannot imagine wool being a kind of fabric that is sexy or elegant. But this is not always the case. Sometimes you need to match the items in a good way, or simply to be careful what kind of items you choose.

For example, you could wear a white woolen beanie hat and match it with a pair of sunglasses. As for the main part of your outfit, it is not necessary to choose woolen clothes. You may get a black coat with some faux fur and leather parts. Match it with a woolen blouse, or a shirt if you do not want to add another woolen item to the set.

If you choose gray and black to be your main colors, then you could wear a shoulder bag in another color, like blue, to add some more color to the outfit. You could also wear a scarf, it could be woolen or not. It depends on your personal style and even mood.

#5 Add some color

There are a lot of people who are afraid to wear colorful clothes in the winter because they consider it inappropriate. However, you may try to get out of your comfort zone and wear a colorful coat for example, in blue, red, or even yellow. If you want a more subtle colorful item, then try with the hat. You could wear a floppy hat in a vibrant color. And here is a little secret, match the color of the hat to your bag. This way you will be absolutely stylish without being over the top. And you will attract some looks of amazed people on the streets. So, go on and be bold!

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