Different Outfit Ideas for Wearing Colorful Tights This Season

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When the nights get longer and the sun shines for less hours on the earth, then people jump in their winter clothes and often refuse wearing colorful clothes. One of the reasons for this is the fact that when you wear black clothes, and clothes in darker colors as a whole, then your outfit attracts sunlight and you get warmer. Another reason is that people are simply used to wearing darker colors in the winter and they consider it inappropriate and somewhat strange wearing colorful clothes.

Well, since we do not completely agree with this and like to add colors to our outfits despite of the season, we have prepared for you a few colorful outfit ideas. And all of these ideas include tights. Yes, that is right, all of these ideas include colorful tights which you can use for inspiration for your winter outfits. Check them out!

#1 Wine red tights

The first of our suggestions is for those of you who do not like too vibrant and shiny clothes. And it includes a pair of tights in a wine red color. We have matched it with a pair of ankle boots in black color and a checked pleated skirt in black and red. Make sure the skirt is a little bit above the level of your knees so that you can show your pretty tights.

As for the top part of the outfit, we have chosen for it a woolen grey sweater to keep you warm in the cool days. If you also want to add some accessories to the outfit, then you can add a red French beret and a small black shoulder bag. And voila, your outfit is ready. And do not be surprised if people complement your French-inspired style.

#2 Purple glam

The next idea is quite bold and colorful and many of you may decide to wear it in the spring. However, if you want to surprise the people around you with some fresh and colorful style in the winter, then try out this suggestion. And since we have called it “purple glam”, then it probably would come as no surprise that the pair of tights that we have chosen for it is purple.

You need to match it with a colorful floral print dress in white, blue, and red colors. We have chosen a long-sleeve dress to keep your arms warm, but it is also a short one (a little bit above the knee) to show off your pretty tights. Match it with a pair of white, or black flats and add some accessories to it. We have chosen for this purpose two big wooden bracelets for each one of your hands. And your outfit is complete!

#3 Retro chic

The next outfit idea with a pair of colorful tights was inspired by the retro fashion and now you will see why. We have chosen a pair of yellow tights and we have matched it with a fitted dress with a white color, like the dresses schoolgirls used to wear. However, this dress is not a black one, but in brown or dark blue color if you prefer.

The combination between the colors will be vibrant and at the same time suitable for this cold season. You can also choose a dress with some pattern on. As for the accessories, you may wear the dress with a long retro necklace and a small handbag in brown or black color. As for the shoes, you could stick to flats or high heels which as not that high.

#4 All in blue

The next outfit suggestion would appeal to those of you who are big fans of the blue color. And as you can imagine, there is a reason why we have called this outfit “all in blue”. We again start with the main part of the outfit, the tights, which, of course, need to be in blue. Match them with a short part of denim pants and a blue blazer.

As for the top, you can simply choose a white shirt. Do not button the blazer and let the shirt show. This way the white color will stand out the most given the fact that the outfit is all in blue. You can also add another color, like brown, and wear brown belt, brown shoes, and brown bag. But you can also stick to black if you prefer because the outfit is colorful enough.

#5 A touch of green

Last, but not least, we have an idea for outfit with green tights. This is quite a vibrant color and matches a lot of styles and a lot of other colors. We have decided to keep the outfit simple, only in black and green. That is why we have chosen the main piece of the outfit to be a black fitted dress a little bit above the knee. You can add a couple of long necklaces. As for the bag, you could choose the same green color as the one the tights have. The two colors will not be too close that is why it will be a perfect match.

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