DIY Amazing Nimbus Nail Art

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Have you ever wanted to try the amazing p art but you weren’t sure how exactly to recreate this effect? Now you don’t need to stress about it! This easy tutorial will show you how to achieve this fabulous nimbus nail art in 8 simple steps. It is the best way to make a fashion statement and show your unique style!

Step 1: Grab a base coat that is a good quality and apply it on your nails. Paint your nails a base of white polish (white polish is pretty much the base of all nail art – it really makes colours pop on the nail). Using even strokes, paint every nail from the cuticle edge to the tip. Base coats not only extend the life of your manicure, but also prevent dark colours from staining your nail beds. Wait a couple of minutes until the base coat dries completely. If you are impatient, fill in a bowl with cool water with some ice cubes and dunk your fingers in it for two to three minutes.

Step 2: Lay out some nail polish on a sheet of plastic or foil and pour out some acetone. Touch a cotton bud to the surface of the acetone and let it soak up in to the cotton.

Step 3: Start thinning out the polish using the acetone soaked cotton bud by working it in a circular motion.

Step 4: Test the consistency by blotting the cotton bud on to flat surface.

Step 5: Dab the cotton swab with the diluted polish directly onto your nail, making random polka dots.

Step 6: Take another nail polish, follow the previous steps and create other dots on your nail on top of the previous ones.

Step 7: Take one shade lighter nail polish and apply the dots on your nail using a cotton swab.

Step 8: To achieve a long-lasting manicure, add a topcoat onto your nails daily to protect your amazing nimbus nail art from chipping and cracking.

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