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Admit it, you have the feeling that Christmas will come after a few days, while in fact, there is more than a month till Christmas. But we have to be well prepared, especially with the gifts. I have a suggestion, let’s make the presents this year, just do it yourself. All these crafting skills have to be handy at some point, why not now. I’m sure that you have a lot of great ideas for Christmas gifts, but just in case, we will show you some guidelines and you can continue the path from out start. Take a look:

Let’s start with the cards. You can make it really personal, by placing a picture of you on the cards and wish your folks Marry Christmas and a Happy New Year. And you can make it even more heart melting by sending the cards by the traditional posts. It will be great to receive something on paper these days, when we have everything in its e-version. So, what can we add to the cards?

How about some self made Christmas tree ornaments. They don’t have to be all hand made. You can buy from some thrift shop several glass toys and decorate them all by yourself, for instance, you can fill them with glitter or confetti, you can write wishes or just the names of the recipients.

Self decorated mugs. You know the watercoloring effect, right? Fill a disposable bowl with water and drop some nail polish, arrange the shape you want and dip in the mug. Ta daaa, now you have unique tea or coffee mugs to give away as a self made gift.

Accessories. You already know how to make different kind of accessories, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings and so on. Just stock up with some gems, studs, buttons, strips, threads, needles, scissors and you will handle it. Rely on your imagination an personal style.

Jewelry tray. You can make it out of an old hanger or glass-less frame, decorate it with lace or gems and you will end up with a beautiful jewelry holder.

Jar full of candy. You can make the candies on your own or you can buy the candies, but keep the decoration of the jar to be self made all by yourself. Use lace, ribbons, buttons, whatever you like.

Nail decoration kit. The decorated jar will be handy here too. Buy some basic nail tools like file, nail strengthener, some nail strips and nail polish and place them in the decorated jar.

Homemade cookies. Everyone will be more than glad to receive homemade traditional Christmas cookies.

A clock with a romantic picture as a background. This one will be stylish and romantic if you make it for your new home where you and your soul mate are moving together first thing in the next year.

I’m sure that there are hundreds of ideas in your head, just trust yourself and the results will be satisfying. Have fun!


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