DIY Fall Makeup Ideas for Different Occasions

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When one thinks of fall makeup, they usually imagine some makeup colors which are inspired by the nature at that time of the year. Since tree leafs are falling and all the foliage is in beautiful brown and red hues, it is absolutely normal that these colors are a part of the current makeup trend. And some of them, like bold red lips, or this year brown lips, are a part of the makeup trends.

Sometimes, however, a woman would not want to wear too bold and over-the-top fall colors on a daily basis but still to add some inspiration from the nature. Or she might want to wear bold makeup on a night out but not in a too straightforward way, as if it is saying “yes, this makeup is only a fall one”. To help women in such situations, we have prepared for them two types of fall makeup, a daytime one and a night one, that are not too straightforward. Here is what we mean!

#1 DIY Daytime Fall Makeup

Step 1

The first thing you need to do is to prep your face using a primer. If your skin is too dry during the season, you may need to apply some moisturizing cream first and then the primer.

Then get a foundation that matches your skin complexion perfectly. I personally love using foundation that is a tone darker than my skin because I do not want to look too pale, but you can save this trick for the nighttime makeup.

And then apply concealer, if you need to, under your eyes in a fan-shape manner. Make sure you blend everything well with a damp beauty blender. Then set your foundation and especially your concealer with some setting powder.

Step 2

Now you need to focus on your brows. You can brush them a little and if you like filling them in, you can use some brow powder that matches both your skin complexion and your hair color.

If your brows become too dark, you can absorb some of the product on them with a dryer sheet of paper, or you can apply some setting powder on them to lighten them up a little, and you will set them at the same time.

Step 3

The next thing you need to do is the eye makeup. You will need some basic brown pallet for it. Get a blending brush and using it apply some matte brown color on your crease. Make sure you blend it nicely.

Then you can make the center of your eyelids brighter by applying some rosy-gold color on it dapping it with the blending brush. Then blend the two colors nicely focusing on the crease. Apply some chocolaty color on the outer corner of your eyelids and blend it well with the rest of the colors.

Finally, you need to apply some shimmery white color on your brow bone and the inner corner of your eyes to make them pop and to make your eyes look bright and fresh.

Step 4

Since this is a light daytime makeup, you can skip applying eyeliner and stick only to mascara. Apply a couple of layers of it on your lashes.

Step 5

The last step is choosing some very light brown or nude liquid lipstick, preferably not a matte one, but a rather glossy one to make your lips full, sexy, and at the same time not distracting from your eyes.

#2 DIY Nighttime Fall Makeup

The next makeup idea is for a night out, for the club for example, which will automatically mean it is a bolder kind of makeup.

Step 1

Begin by applying primer again and then foundation and concealer. You can choose a bit darker foundation color if you want to look tanned since it is about a nighttime makeup. Make sure you blend everything nicely with a damp beauty blender and then you set it with a setting powder.

Step 2

The main part of this makeup is the eyes. They will be the centerpiece of attention as well as the lips. You need to apply some concealer on your eyelids to prime them and to make the eyeshadows pop. Blend it nicely with a blending brush.

Then you need to get a yellow shade and apply it on the crease and above it blending it nicely with a blending brush. You can go a little bit outside the corner of your eye.

Then get an orange color and a smaller blending brush and apply it right under the yellow color blending them as well. Focus on the outer corner of your eye applying some more orange color on it.

Now get a red eyeshadow and using a flat brush apply it onto the center of your eyelid. Pat it nicely and then blend it with the rest of the colors around it.

Then get a burgundy eyeshadow and apply it all over your eyelids dapping the brush on it. This will help set the whole eye makeup. Then using a clean blending brush, blend the colors slightly more.

Step 3

You can then apply some eyeliner if you like to make the eyes even stronger and bolder. And then apply a couple of layers of mascara.

Step 4

The last thing you need to do to complete this makeup is to apply a dark red matte lipstick on your lips. You could choose a burgundy color to match the last eyeshadow. This way both the eyes and the lips will be strong and not outshining one another.

And your daytime and nighttime fall looks are done!

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