Doll-Like Contouring Technique

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A huge contouring trend is going on these days. Some people call it the Clown contour because it makes your face look like you are a clown before the blending. I think that this contouring technique will suit only pale-skins and blond hair, because of the pink and red colors, used for the contouring design. Pink colors, combined with blonde hair are the perfect combination. That’s why the pink ombre is so gorgeous when made on blond hair.

The pink undertones of this covering design will create a soft, blushed glow of the face, which will make your skin look like a porcelain and that will create the doll-like effect of your face. Let me show you the steps, and if your skin is pale, and your hair bright – go on and try this effect:

  • Prepare the skin for the foundations as usual – moisturizer, primer and BB cream.

  • Then, use a light (almost white) highlighter and draw large triangles under the eyes.

  • Draw smaller triangles, the same size as the eyes.

  • Then draw pink circles at the cheek bones.

  • Contour the nose bridge with highlighter.

  • Wrap the mouth with light purple color.

  • Keep up the application of the highlighter at the jawline, chin, forehead and under the eyebrows.

  • Blend in everything together with a sponge.

  • Finish the look with setting powder, which must be transparent.

  • Then continue the makeup application with eye makeup and lipstick color.

  • Don’t forget to shape and fill in the eyebrows.

You can see that the contouring makeup boosts up its levels, it becomes more custom and better than ever. You can adjust it according to your preferences, to your skin color, to your face shape. But you should be careful with the contouring makeup, because there is a chance for you to get dizzy and change fully your appearance, which is not recommended!

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