Don’t Wear That During The Holidays

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We need to prepare for the Holiday months. Not only with good food, nice wine and Christmasy mood, but also we have to pay attention to our look and fashion style. There are some basic rules to obey when it comes to your outfits. Certain details will go perfectly with the Holiday mood and atmosphere, but there are also some details that will show lack of taste and bad sense of style. And I’m sure that you don’t want to be seen in such light from your friends and family. That’s why we gathered some Do’s and Don’ts for your choice of outfit. Keep in mind that they are just suggestions and advices and you can wear whatever you like. At least take a look and notice that your Holiday mood will increase with two levels up:


There are a lot of items that you can wear during the Holiday season. You know the basic – nice, warm and cozy clothes, which will make you feel at home and loved. But what kind of details, patterns and accessories are perfect for this season?

Scarfs, hats and gloves. They will not only warm your important body parts, but also they look great, especially if the models are trendy and interesting – for instance, knitted hat and scarf, decorated with studs or gems.

Glitter. It’s normal, because of the sparkly snow and glossy ice, but also a glittered item will work as reminder for the perfect New Years Eve. A glittered headband or bag, or the dress. The glitter will make you sparkle and shine, just like the happiness, sensed in the air, going out of the euphoric people all over the town.

You can olso trust the peacoat to be a perfect cloth to keep you worm and stylish. Pair it with gorgeous leather boots. Let it all be colorful and fresh – red, green, orange, blue, yellow. But don’t choose too bright colors, stick to the pastel ones and you won’t make any mistake.

Do Not

Stay away from the ski or sport coats, unless you are in Aspen.

Mittens are way more adorable than the muffs.

Well, we all know that the Holidays are here, so, don’t overdo your look with some reindeer prints, snowman accessories, snowflake buttons and so on.

Don’t wear only red and green colors just in one outfit. You can use these colors as a detail or a hint, but don’t be covered from toes to top with green-red strips.

These are our advises, I hope you will enjoy them and can’t wait to put on my reindeer slippers (nobody will judge me at home). Have fun!


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