Easter Is Coming – Choose The Best Outfit

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I’m forced to limit my readers only to those who celebrate the Christian Easter holiday, when Jesus resurrects. The symbols of Easter day are baby chick, rabbits and eggs and as you can guess, they are symbols of new life and rebirth. The traditions are well known. I want to talk more about the decorations and more specifically – the ideas for your outfit during the holidays.

Gladly, the Easter day is during the Spring, which means that you can wear bright, blooming colors, which will match the glowing atmosphere of the weather out there. First of all, you have to plan several outfits, which will match perfectly the specific event, time of the day and  the place:

  • You will need clothes for the church service;
  • You can wear the clothes from the church service to the egg hunt;
  • And you will must change your dirty, sweaty clothes with fresh ones for the family dinner. 

To sum up, you will need at least three specially selected outfits for your Easter holiday. Let’s get started with the ideas:

  • The church requires modest clothes, you are aware of that fact. Be humble and gentle with your choice for the church service. I suggest you to go for a dress, but it has to cover your breasts fully and the length should be no shorter than your knees. If you found the perfect dress with the perfect length, but it is sleeveless, don’t worry – just cover your shoulders with a scarf or an elegant, a Sunday-casual jacket, a vest is a good choice too. Oh, I forgot about the cardigan. An idea came up, imagine this: Highwaisted, well tailored dress, knee-length with a short, crop, fluffy spring cardigan; choose retro high heels with slim sole and make vintage, curly hairstyle. It sounds just wonderful – elegant, trendy and feminine (yet, modest look). Let the colors be pastel – pink, blue, green, peach, whatever you like, just keep the shades dull and foggy – the pastel colors.
  • Now comes the fun – Easter egg hunt. As I imagine what it will be like, the first word that comes in my mind is Comfort. You have to choose comfortable clothes and shoes in order to look prepared and to feel prepared for the hunt. Another factor that you should consider is that this event is held outdoors and you’d better check the weather before you select your outfit. So, for sure you should choose flat shoes – like sneakers or ballerinas, which will be easily matched with stretchy jeans and baggy, light shirt with short sleeves. The patterns must be happy and inspired by the Spring – floral, green, blue and pink colors, but choose bright, pale shades.
  • Sometimes the hunting goes wild and you become dirty and sweaty after the whole running, searching, walking and competing. So, keep another outfit in your suitcase in order to have a back up plan for the family dinner – keep the flat shoes and match them with summer dress and a cardigan – adorable sweet daughter.

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