Easy DIY Makeup Ideas for Halloween

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A lot of people’s favorite holiday for the season, Halloween, is coming and more and more people have started getting ready for it. This is one of the suitable times during the year that it is actually appropriate to put on a mask and to pretend to be someone else. And it is all about fun.

Some people really like the holiday, but they do not like spending too much money on masks and costumes and prefer just to pay special attention to their makeup instead. And to help those of you who decided to count mostly on their makeup for the holiday, we have prepared for you a few easy makeup ideas for Halloween. Check them out!

#1 Vampire girl

One of the easiest types of costumes, and one of the cheapest ones as a matter of fact, is a vampire. This is because the most important thing you need is some vampire fangs, dark clothes, and probably somewhat dark makeup and your look will be ready.

But if you do not want to wear vampire teeth since they will be with you all night long and if we have to be honest they are a bit uncomfortable, you can draw them instead.

For your vampire makeup you need to pay attention to your eyes and lips which need to be bold and dark. For your eye makeup you could have a black smoky eye. You can add some red eyeshadow to it as well to add a little more of the iconic vampire color – red.

When it comes to the lips, they need to be dark red, very, very dark. You could have ombre lips as well with the center of the lips in a lighter red color, and the outer part of the lips to be in a darker one.

Apart from the lip color, you also need to draw your vampire fangs if you decide not to wear plastic ones. You can do this by drawing them on your lower lip. Use a white color and make them sharp. You can also add some “running drop of blood” from your mouth which you can draw by using red lipstick.

#2 Barbie Doll

The next type of makeup or Halloween is again not a very difficult one. If you have a natural blonde hair, then it would be even easier for you to achieve the makeup effect. You can actually be a Barbie doll for the holiday.

What you need to do is apply some light foundation to achieve the pale skin complexion of Barbie dolls. Apart from that you need to use very girlish colors, especially pink. You need to put on some pink eyeshadows with a lot of highlighter.

There should be, of course, pink lip gloss and big lashes. If you are comfortable, you can put on some blue contact lenses to achieve the typical Barbie look. As for the rest of the look, you can count on baby pinkand baby blue.

#3 Morticia Addams

The next makeup idea is again an easy and fast one, and much more somber that the Barbie idea, which makes it more suitable for the holiday. You can actually be Morticia Addams from the famous Addams Family. They are creepy but quite likable at the same time. And if you decide to wear such kind of costume, you will probably be able to find all the necessary items for it in your closet already.

You can wear a long black fitted dress. As for the makeup you need to apply some really white foundation to make your face really pale. Your lips need to be very dark red and you can add some slight eyeliner. Make your lashes long by applying some falsies or a couple of layers of mascara if you like. And basically this is it. Another item that is necessary is long black straight hair. And your makeup for Halloween will be ready!

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