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Every girl, who puts makeup on her face, knows how important it is to fill in her brows into a beautiful shape and color. The eyebrows are playing the huge role of framing the whole face. And more importantly, you can’t have gorgeous eye makeup with pale and thin eyebrows.

So, if you are convinced that you should take proper care of your brows, you can see how to do it perfectly if you follow the steps strictly. Take a look:

  • First, choose the proper shape for your face. The easiest way to determine the shape of the brows is to use a long and thin eye pencil. Place it alongside the nose and mark the beginning of the brow. Then tilt the tip of the pencil through the center of the eye and mark the place where the arch of the brow should be placed. Tilt the pencil one more time until you reach the outer corner of the eye and that’s the end of the brow.

  • Once the shape is determined, outline it with a thin and soft pencil. Or, you can use an angled, flat brush as a lining tool.

  • Then, fill in the lined shape with color that will match the natural color of your brows.

  • If you want to make more natural-looking texture of the brow, you should draw some thin strokes with lighter color into the brow.

  • Then brush the brows with a clean mascara wand in order to remove some of the excessive color.

  • The last step requires highlighter. Apply it under the brows and blend in with fingers or sponge.

  • Once the brows are done and beautiful, you can continue with the application of the eye makeup and the lipstick.

All done! Enjoy your beautiful makeup and keep practicing with different designs in order to master your makeup skills. Have fun!

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