Easy Halloween Hairstyles that Will Make Your Costume Complete

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Halloween is almost here and all of its fans are counting down the days left for the big celebration. There are some people who have already bought their costumes for the holiday or decided what kind of costume they are going to wear.

Sometimes, however, people underestimate the power of the props, makeup, and accessories. A slightly touch to the costume can make it look much better. Girls can easily do this by having a hairstyle that matches their costume. And not only the hairstyle can complement the whole costume, but it can even be the main part of it.

Today we are going to show you a couple of hairstyle ideas which can complement you Halloween costume, or help you have some ideas for a quick last-minute Halloween costume. Check them out!

#1 A Unicorn Ponytail

The first hairstyle idea in our list is a unicorn one because it is impressive and easy to make at the same time. The main items you will need for this hairstyle are silver hair glitter and preferably pink hair glitter as well.

You can also use other colors, like purple or light blue but make sure the silver and the pink or the purple are the main ones. You will also need a unicorn horn, which would be the main part of the costume.

Step 1

What you need to do to have such kind of hairstyle is to tie all your hair up in a high ponytail. The ponytail should be very sleek, with no bumps.

Step 2

Then apply the silver glitter all over your hair, focusing on the hair on your crown and around it.

Step 3

Then using the pink and purple glitter spray the ponytail only leaving the hair on your crown and around it in silver glitter only.

Step 4

Lastly, you need to put on the unicorn horn on the crown of your head pointing forward. And this way your hairstyle will be ready. You can then focus on your makeup which needs to be in colors complementing the ones on your hairstyle.

#2 Black Cat Ears

The next hairstyle in our list is one which complements one of the most common Halloween costumes, Black Cat. Black cats are a symbol of the holiday in general and it is said that they bring bad luck, of course if you believe in superstitions.

The costume is very easy to be done by oneself and at the same time it could be very sexy, so it is normal that a lot of women choose it for Halloween. Today we will show you how to make it even better by making two cat ears of your hair. This way your costume will stand out.

For tis hairstyle you will need a cat ears headband and a lot of hairspray. You need to choose some simple cat ears headband, they should not be too big, thick or shiny. And here is what you need to do to have such kind of hairstyle for Halloween.

Step 1

After you have combed your hair nicely, put the cat ears headband on your head, exactly where you want your cat ears to be.

Step 2

Then get a lock of hair that is right behind the first cat ear and spray it with hair spray. If your hair is too thin, you will need to backcomb it a little first. This way you will add extra volume to it.

Step 3

After you have sprayed this lock of hair, start rolling it round the cat ear of the headband behind which it is. Make sure you cover the whole cat ear with hair.

Step 4

When this is done, set the hair in place by using some bobby pins and spraying some more hair spray. You can leave the rest of the lock hanging, or you could curl it up a little to make it look more natural.

You can also curl some of your other hair as well. And then you need to repeat the steps for the other cat ear. And your hairstyle will be ready.

#3 A Lioness

The last type of easy hairstyle for Halloween in our list is a lioness. And as you can probably guess, the hairstyle will express a lion’s mane. If your hair is already curly, this will not be a hard task for you.

If your hair is straight, you need to curl it to some very small curls. You can use hair curlers for this purpose and you can sleep with them the night before the party for Halloween. You can make it more voluminous if you backcomb it as well.

A lion’s mane needs to be very big and light which means that if your hair is dark, you may use some hair coloring spray for the night to make it slightly lighter. This way your lion’s mane will be perfect.

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