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I have one extremely annoying beauty flaw – I have small eyes. It is not such a big deal, but when I want to put makeup on my eyes I always have to think about it really carefully, because many makeup designs can shrink my eyes entirely. Well, I’m not saying that don’t wear any makeup at all, the point is that I have to be extremely careful on choosing the right designs for my eyes. Down below you will find such a design and it is shown with a great step-by-step tutorial. Take a look and follow the steps if you also have to deal with small eyes. Here we go:

  1. As usual, you have to start with a primer. No one wants smudged makeup and ugly result, right?

  2. Once the primer is applied, you are allowed to continue with the application of the other colors. So, the trick of having big eyes, covered in makeup is to use light colored eyeshadows. Cover the lid with absolutely nude eyeshadow, just copy the color of your skin. Spread it all over with soft round brush.

  3. Now, take a darker shadow – it has to be two tones darker than your skin. Apply it only at the crease area and spread it a little bit at the outer corner of the eye. But leave the lid light.

    This trick will create depth of the eye and an illusion of bigger lid.

  4. Then apply a thin cat-eye liner ONLY on the top lash line.

  5. Leave the bottom lid and lash line nude, or cover the waterline with nude-colored eye pencil.

  6. Finish the look with a coat of mascara.

  7. Done!

Don’t forget to fill in the brows with color.

If you like this design, come back for more great ideas. I’ll try to inspire you with great designs and ideas. Have fun!


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