Easy Summer Braided Bun Knot

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If you think it is too frustrating to search hours and hours for the perfect hairstyle for your hair, don’t panic – you are not alone. This is why this tutorial will show you how to achieve one of the loveliest and most adorable hairstyles – the half-up, half-down summer braided bun knot!

Before you begin with this amazing hairstyle, you may consider teasing your hair if you want to achieve a voluminous bun effect. To do this, simply hold a section of your hair straight upward, place the comb in the roots and apply firm brush strokes downward to the scalp. Use hairspray to secure the volume. Repeat the procedure with the next section of hair. Once you’ve done that, use the brush to comb the volume gently.


Step 1: Start by pulling about a quarter of your hair into a loose ponytail at the back of your head, near your crown.

Step 2: Secure the ponytail with a small rubber band. Remember that small elastics are easier to hide in the finished styles.

Step 3: Take the strand of hair from your left-hand side.

Step 4: Place the strand on top of your ponytail, covering the hair band and securing it with a bobby pin underneath.

Step 5: Repeat the previous step by taking a hair strand from your right-hand side. Place the strand on top of your ponytail, covering the hair band.

Step 6: Secure the strand with a bobby pin.

Step 7: Take another strand from your left-hand side and repeat the process.

Step 8: Continue adding new hair pieces from each side until you are satisfied with the final result.

Step 9: If your braid feels loose, you can tighten it by adding bobby pins in the centre. That’s it! Now, set your lovely hairstyle with some hairspray and you are done!

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