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I have a huge problem with my lashes. They are not too thin or too short, but yet I want them bigger. I don’t like using fake lashes, that’s why I gathered some tips and tricks for making my lashes bigger and thicker without sticking anything on my lids. I hope some of these hacks will serve you as well as they served me. Take a look and complete the list:

Baby powder. If your lashes are thin and light you can apply baby powder between the coats of the mascara. Use clean cotton swab to apply the baby powder or a fluffy brush. The baby powder will add more thickness to the lashes and that will increase the effect of the mascara.

Lash curler. Well, the lashes are thicker, but how to make them longer? That is the job of the lash curler. First of all, use it just like you use your curling iron – with heat. Blow the lash curler with a hair dryer and test the hotness on your lips, if it’s bearable you can pinch your lashes. Position the curler really low, as you can – at the base of the lashes. That’s the way to lift them really high and to get their full length. Hold on in that position until the curler cools down. After that, continue the procedure with the mascara and if you want them to be thick and fluffy, apply the baby powder trick.

The Waterline. Maybe you forget to add color to the upper waterline of your eye, but if you do it – Bravo! When your waterline is dark, you are creating an illusion that there is a hair to hair, the thickness of the lashes looks enormous. But if you feel that making your waterline black is shrinking the eye, you can always apply some white or nude color to the bottom waterline to enlarge the eye. The problem is solved.

Baby oil. This is a slow method, but it’s natural and it works. Clean your face and remove the makeup from it. Use a cotton swab and apply baby oil to your lashes, as you are applying a mascara. Instead of a cotton swab you can use old, clean mascara brush. It will be easier and the product will spread evenly all over the lashes.

Two colors. I learned about this recently. Use two different colors, yet similar, for instance black and dark brown. Apply the brown color first. And then the black one. You will create great dimension with this trick.

Zig-zag + Blink. Position the brush at the base of the lashes. Move your hand right and left – in zig zag motions as you go up to the tips of the lashes. Also, blink against the brush to increase the effect.

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