Easy Winged Eyeliner Tutorial

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Whether you are going out with your friends or you are attending a fancy event, creating the perfect eyeliner effect can add a bit of sophisticated drama to your look. It is the perfect finish to any makeup that will definitely make your overall appearance more define and appealing. With a few products in hand and a couple of makeup hacks, you can easily master the way to perfectly done eyeliner look.

If you have shaky hands, then you’ve probably found that drawing on a cat eye with liquid liner is incredibly challenging. Unless you have the steady hands of a surgeon, mastering the technique of liquid eyeliner is just plain hard. Luckily, sketching on exotic cat eyes just got a lot easier thanks to this one sticky trick. It works. When placed diagonally out from the corners of your eyes, it becomes a stencil and can help you get perfectly even wings! Here’s how to do it.

Step 1: Apply shimmery shadow to your eyelid – this is your base colour.

Step 2: To achieve the perfect edge of your eyeliner, place a small piece of tape underneath your bottom lashes, starting at the outer corner of your eye and angling it towards your temple. Then, brighten up the eyes by applying the light brown eyeshadow over the eyelid, starting from the corners and working your way inwards.

Step 3: Grab a small brush and gently apply black eyeshadow to create a beautiful wing.

Step 4: When drawing the line along the tape, make sure that the liner gets thinner and thinner as you finish it off at the end.

Step 5: Connect the end of the wing to the lash line.

Step 6: Clean up any imperfections with a q-tip.

Step 7: Then, grab your black eyeliner and apply short, small stokes to outline your upper lash line.

Step 8: Start filling in the wing with the black eyeliner.

Step 9: Now, gently outline your upper lash line using multiple short strokes.

Step 10: Remove the tape and proudly reveal your final look. Add several coats of your long-lasting mascara to wrap up the final look.

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